Tanja Pyhäjärvi

Tanja Pyhäjärvi

PhD, Docent

Population Genomics


I am an Academy Research Fellow in the Department of Ecology and Genetics.  My research group works on evolutionary genetics and we are interested in various aspects of population genetics and molecular evolution. Genetic basis of environmental adaptation, haploid life stage evolution and effects of natural selection on molecular variation are in our focus. We mostly work with plants: Pinus sylvestris (Scots pine), Arabidopsis lyrata and Betula pendula (Silver Birch).

Pyhäjärvi Lab homepage

Research interests

  • Population Genomics
  • Evolutionary Genetics
  • Forest Genetics
  • Domestication

Selected Publications

Mattila TM, Tyrmi J, Pyhäjärvi T, Savolainen O (2017) Genome-wide analysis of colonization history and concomitant selection in Arabidopsis lyrata. Molecular Biology and Evolution. 34:2665-2677. HTML

Toivainen T, Pyhäjärvi T, Niittyvuopio A, Savolainen O (2014) A recent local sweep at the PHYA locus in the Northern European Spiterstulen population of Arabidopsis lyrata . Molecular Ecology 23:1040-1052. HTML.

Pyhäjärvi T, Hufford MB, Mezmouk S, Ross-Ibarra J (2013) Complex patterns of local adaptation in teosinte. Genome Biology and Evolution 5:1594:1609. HTML

Hufford MB,* Xun X*, van Heerwaarden J*, Pyhäjärvi T*, Chia J-M, Cartwright RA, Elshire RJ, Glaubitz JC, Guill KE, Kaeppler S, Lai J, Morrell PL, Shannon LM, Song C, Springer NM, Swanson-Wagner RA, Tiffin P, Wang J, Zhang G, Doebley J, McMullen MD, Ware D, Buckler ES, Yang S, Ross-Ibarra J (2012) Comparative population genomics of maize domestication and improvement. Nature Genetics 44: 808-811. HTML
* equal contribution

Pyhäjärvi T, García-Gil RM, Knürr T, Mikkonen M, Wachowiak W & Savolainen O (2007) Demographic history has influenced nucleotide diversity in European Pinus sylvestris populations. Genetics 177: 1713-1724. HTML