Ph.D Student

Thuong-Khanh Tran


Ph.D Student
Computer Vision


T. Khanh Tran currently works at Center for Machine Vision and Signal Analysis, University of Oulu. His research topics focus on emotional analysis and micro-expression.

T. Khanh Tran graduated with a Bachelor in Mathematics and Computer Science in University of Science, Vietnam (03/2012) and M.Sc. in Electronics Engineering in Chonnam National University, South Korea (08/2015). He started Ph.D. study in the University of Oulu (9/2016 - Present) and attended as Researcher in Webuust OY company from (07/2018 – Present).

Research Interested:

  • Data Structure and Algorithms
  • Computer Vision
  • Machine Learning
  • Affective Computing

Selected Publications

1. "3D Facial expression recogntion based on multi-view and prior knowledge fusion", QuangNhat Vo, Thuong-Khanh Tran, Guoying Zao. MSMP 2019

2. "Dense prediction for micro-expression spotting based on deep sequence model", Thuong Khanh Tran ,Quang-Nhat Vo, Xiaopeng Hong, Guoying Zhao. EI 2019

3. "Sliding window based micro-expression spotting: A benchmark", Thuong Khanh Tran ,Xiaopeng Hong, Guoying Zhao. ACIVS 2017


Research groups

  • 21050

Research visits

  • Researcher
    12.4.2019 to 27.6.2019

    Attended the joint project "emotional analysis in the wild" at Chonnam National University