Timo Rahkonen


Prof., Head of CAS research unit
Cicuit theory, IC & RFIC design

270 peer reviewed publications in international journals. The publications have been cited 3561 times, of which the most cited publication accounts for 518 citations. The author has a h-index of 25.00. (Google Scholar)


Timo Rahkonen has been a professor in Circuit theory and IC circuit design since 1996. He is teaching circuit theory, filter theory and RFIC design.
His research interests span from dc instrumentation to sub-THz. Designs have been made using CMOS, BiCMOS, HBT, GaAs and CMOS SOI technologies.

Long-term interest is  to understand nonlinear distortion effects and try to compensate them.

Some highlights:

  • co-leading design of 28 Ghz beamforming chip in 45 nm SOI
  • co-leading development of 290 GHz HBT receiver
  • development of two in-house distortion contribution analysis tools
  • analog and digital error correction techniques in A/D and D/A converters

Research interests

  • IC design
  • RF design in 3-30 GHz region
  • RF design in 200-300 GHz region

Recent projects

  • Minimising the distortion in multi-phase parallel systems, Academy of Finland 325928, 2019-2023
  •  Development of RF PA models. Industrial 2020
  • 5G mamico / 5g IC +. 28 GHz beamforming RX/TX development. Industrial 2017-2020
  • Linearity analysis and improvement of RFTX (RFPALin). Academy of Finland  (09-13)

Professional and community activities

  • IEEE (member)

Research groups

  • Academy of Finland's 6Genesis Flagship Programme (6Genesis.com)

Thesis supervisions

Supervision of theses
    • Some tens of BSc theses
    • More than 150 MSc theses
    • 7 PhD theses
    • Opponenting 30 PhD theses (it is often fun to learn something new)