Tuomo Alhojärvi


Doctoral Student


I am a human geographer immersed in postcapitalist studies. My work is situated within feminist economic geography, critical social theory and diverse forms of activism and social movements. Working with and against the ruins of capitalist injustice and ecological collapse, my research seeks to contribute to liveable, abundant and heterogeneous futures. I'm especially curious to understand how this means challenging the fundamental spatial and temporal conceptions that keep power in position and reproduce hierarchies of all sorts. I'm a member of the worldwide Community Economies Research Network and also a frequent contributor in Finnish debates and activism on solidarity economies and the commons. Moreover, I serve as the current chairperson of the Finnish Society for Regional and Environmental Studies (Alue- ja ympäristötutkimuksen seura) and as an editorial committee member for the online research forum Versus. I teach on first year courses of Human Geography and in various other settings within and outside the university.

Research interests

  • postcapitalist studies
  • feminist economic geography
  • critical social theory
  • diverse economies
  • political ecology


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