Veikko Halonen

Veikko Halonen




Veikko Halonen has a wide experience as a researcher and a manager. He started his career as a researcher of cold protection of clothing at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. After that, he worked as a researcher and a teacher in theoretical physics at the University of Oulu and defended his doctorate in philosophy in 1992. Since 1997 he has been a docent in theoretical physics. From 1998 to 2006, he worked as a development manager at an IT service company and then as a research director at a regional unit of the University of Oulu until 2015. He started his current work as a researcher of robotics in 2017.

Research interests

  • autonomous mobile robots
  • perception techniques
  • robot control

Selected publications

  • Pitkänen, V., Halonen, V., Kemppainen, A., & Röning, J. (2019). Path Following Controller for Differentially Driven Planar Robots with Limited Torques and Uncertain and Changing Dynamics. International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), accepted.
  • Sarja, J., & Halonen, V. (2013). Wind turbine selection criteria: A customer perspective. Journal of Energy and Power Engineering, 7(9), 1795.
  • Halonen, R., & Halonen, V. (2007). Incentives and obstacles in implementing inter-organisational interoperability. Proceedings of Ninth International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems. Databases and Information Systems Integration. Funchal, Portugal June 12-16, 549.
  • Apaja, V., Halinen, J., Halonen, V., Krotscheck, E., & Saarela, M. (1997). Charged-boson fluid in two and three dimensions. Physical Review B, 55(19), 12925.
  • Halonen, V., Chakraborty, T., & Pietiläinen, P. (1992). Excitons in a parabolic quantum dot in magnetic fields. Physical Review B, 45(11), 5980.
  • Aksela, H., Mäkipaaso, T., Halonen, V., Pohjola, M., & Aksela, S. (1984). Auger transitions in open-shell configurations with ns (n= 4, 5, 6) outer electron. Physical Review A, 30(3), 1339.

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