Victor Pavlov

Victor Pavlov

MSc. (Tech.)

PhD candidate
Environmental Engineering


Victor Pavlov is a researcher with a background in Environmental Engineering from four northern universities: University of Oulu (Finland), The Arctic University of Norway (Tromso), The University Centre of Svalbard (Norway), and Murmansk State Technical University (Russia).

His PhD topic has to do with the Arctic Ocean, oil spill response operations at sea and overall sustainability of applied cleaning methods.

As a university researcher, from 2013 to 2020, he worked in several international projects: 

  • Arctic Preparedness Platform for Oil Spill and other Environmental Accidents (APP4SEA) 
  • Renewable Community Empowerment in Northern Territories (RECENT)
  • Water Asset Renewable Energy Solutions (WARES)
  • Green Cities and Settlements (GREENSETTLE) 

Currently, he is full-time employed under a three-year Finnish project "Energy wise ports (EVISA)", 2020-2022. The project addresses sea ports and helps them to improve their energy management: e.g. by mapping port energy consumption in detail, assessing its renewable energy potential, and reducing its environmental / carbon footprint.

Research interests

  • Arctic
  • Oil Spill Response
  • Marine Environment
  • Sustainability


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Research groups

  • Energy and Environmental Engineering Research Unit