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Researchers’ Night – a science event for the whole family

Friday, September 27, 2019

Welcome to Researchers’ Night! Take part in workshops, shows and presentations and meet researchers! The open event offers plenty to see and experience for visitors of all ages. Doors to the source of research are open on Linnanmaa campus on 27 September, 5:00–9:00 pm.

Entrance via Erkki Koiso-Kanttilan katu, door 2T.

The event is free of cost. More events will be added to the programme later.


Learn to make paper

At this workshop, you'll be able to make your own paper and learn about the possibilities offered by nanocellulose as a material of the future. PR101


Maths is so much more than calculations! Come and play games and have fun with mathematical problems. The games are best suited for visitors over 4 years of age. Green coat racks in the Main lobby

The magic of chemistry

Have you ever wondered how all the colours of the rainbow are created? Do you know what elephants use to brush their teeth? We have the answers, and a secret recipe to share with you! Experiments in English with half hours, and in Finnish on the hours between 5pm-8pm, L8

Energy harvesting floor

How will the Energy Harvesting Technology change your daily life and support the smart society? The floor tiles will be able to convert the pressure when stepped on into electricity and thus lightening up LED bulbs, as well as for other purposes. Using this demonstration, together with other energy harvesting devices, makes to realize how powerful the environmental energy is. In the future, people will be encouraged to take more exercise, whilst the energy generated by human body can be used for generating electricity and support the smart society. Tellus Aspire

VRungius – virtual mummy research

In the workshop, a virtual program will tell you about the research done on the mummy of vicar Nikolaus Rungius, who lived in Keminmaa in the 17th century. An interactive learning experience for youths and adults, 14 years and over. At 5pm-8pm, AT117

Information processing from many angles

In the session, you can learn about the development work of smart technology. Find out what would be just right for you: programming, modelling, drafting, inventing new product ideas or testing. In the workshop, you can try block programming or 3D modelling. Suitable for both children and adults. At 5pm-8pm, YL124

Entrepreneur workshop for children

Come and set up your own company! The workshop features two activity points where children make plans for their own company and design a logo for it. Each young entrepreneur receives a start-up grant – in chocolate coins. The duration of each activity point is 10 to 15 minutes. M101

The bug academy

Come and meet little bugs and great researchers! The bug academy will teach you about the lives of creepy-crawlies and insect research. Would you like to see the different development stages of ants, the larvae of glow-worms enjoying a dish of escargots or bumblebees having a ball in the hall? Interested in elk flies? How do you study the behaviour, communication, genome and evolution of insects? What does swarm intelligence mean? Meet researcher and live bugs: glow-worm larvae, bumble bees and ants. Lobby of the Botanical Gardens, Kaitoväylä 5.

Wonderful water bugs

The workshop dives into the underwater world to study water bugs. Many insects live under water, but what do they look like and what do they do? Our aquarium is crawling with the aquatic larvae of caddisflies and different species of odonata. How many creatures do you recognize? Under the microscope, small bugs become large and you can examine them in more detail. Biology laboratory B137

Get bitten by the Pegasus bug

The Pegasus Science Library's stand offers fun activities for people of all ages. Central lobby

  • Who’s cute as a bug’s ear? Animal-related picture wall. Portray yourself as an animal.
  • Lucky dip. Catch yourself an animal poem and you’re in for a treat.
  • Animals in poetry. Miniature exhibition.
  • Animal badge. Make yourself a bestial badge.
  • Colouring wall. A colouring wall where both adults and children can colour in, for example, various arctic animals.
  • Have the bug for doing crafts. Arts and crafts with book pages.

Test a Formula car!

Presenting a racing car designed and built by students. The car is featured in an international engineering competition held at the Austrian F1 track in 2019. Come and have a chat with Formula drivers and see what the world looks like from the seat of a racing car! Tekniikan aula

Read to a real Reading Dog and Cat, recognise emotions and find out where your voice comes from!

Introduce reading dogs and cat to the wonderful world of books and learn about interactive read alouds. Real animals will be on hand at the stand. How is the human voice produced? Find out by assembling the throat and the head! You'll also get to play the Tunne-etsivät (Emotion Detectives) game, which has proven an effective means of recognising different feelings. You can also acquaint yourself with the virtual reality created by Peili Vision by searching for animals in different worlds or shoot at meteors with your vision! How does virtual reality relate to neurological rehabilitation? The minimum age for using virtual glasses is 12 years, but otherwise the workshop is suitable for all ages. Business Kitchen

Fab Lab

The many digital manufacturing demonstrations and workshops of Fab Lab let you experiment with electronics construction and laser cutting and introduce you to 3D printing. Fab Lab

Virtual Zoological Museum

Visitors can visit the virtual reality version of the Zoological Museum of the University of Oulu. The point is a so-called room-scale interactive virtual reality experience. TF103

Make a virtual trip to the library!

The lift takes the user to fantasy worlds where you can find hidden book recommendations. The spaces have interactive objects, such as books that can be moved around and a library cat you might run into. In the Study room there is a storybook where you can write a story of your own and leave it to be read by other users. Explore the Virtual Library through a VR headset. The Virtual Library is a virtual reality (VR) application developed together by the Center for Ubiquitous Computing (UBICOMP) at the University of Oulu and the Oulu City Library. TF103

Real time VR observation, operation room powered by 5 G and AR

Come and discover future medical operation potential with today's wireless technology. Put yourself into a role of a medical student or a specialist and step into a digital experience. Look the whole 360 view of an operation room, the surgeon's own view and important sensor data all embedded and visualized real time through 5G through VR-display. TF103

5GTN Candy Box

The world´s first 5G embedded toy is ready! A tablet game is connecting to a candy box by 5G most advanced mobile network. Very user friendly game: if you win, you get a candy! Come and touch the real 5G operation under the University of Oulu 5G test network. TF103

Eco City Game – build a city of your dreams

What does city need to work, what do we need to make it in a city and how can these needs be met in an environmentally friendly way? Come and play the Eco City Game, either by yourself or bring even your friends, and build your dream city that is also environmentally friendly! At 5.30 pm-7.30 pm, L9

Challenges of Arctic Oil Spill response and how to respond to them – APP4SEA Smart Map

Shipping and other economic activity is expected to increase in the Arctic seas because of the global warming. This will increase the risk of oil spills and accidents, which poses a great threat to the vulnerable Arctic Nature. Join us and hear about the challenges of Arctic oil spill response and how they can be addressed with the help of the APP4SEA smart map. Bring with you your laptop, tablet or smart phone!  At 8 pm, L9

An evening as an archaeologist

In the archaeology workshop you can acquaint yourself with different types of archaeological findings and related research. At the work stations, you can identify objects, bones and textiles. Come and learn about archaeology with the help of researchers and students. 5:30–7:30 pm Suitable for all ages. At 5.30pm-7.30pm, AT115A

What will I become when I grow old?

What is your dream profession? Projects of the University of Oulu and the Oulu University of Applied Sciences inspire girls to study technics. GenZ-project´s stand: What if the digital future is not led by the digital technologies but the people? At 5pm-8pm, AT115B.

Dental track

Do you know what a dental cavity looks like? Do you know what causes cavities? Come and hear what Denny has to say about brushing your teeth and how a laser device beeps when it detects a cavity! AT127

Biobank Borealis – better health through research

Biobank studies are used to develop better treatments and diagnostics for illnesses. Come to learn about the biobank and the methods and daily grind of research. Take part in the Guess what? microscope competition and pipetting challenge! Tellus Frost

Lectures and presentations:

Eyes in the Sky

Visitors will get to know different types of UAVs (drones) and their uses and also how we are using different optical and magnetic sensors to map Finland's forests, mines and rivers. We are also using this high resolution remote sensing to monitor the environment, doing measurements in air quality, environmental pollution, and historical site preservation. Suitable for all ages. Central lobby red room

I4FUTURE-doctoral programme – come to visit the research units!

Come to see what kind of research is done in different research units participating I4Future doctoral program. During the visits you might see research demos or participate in action together with the researchers of the units! Registration to small groups and more information is available in I4Future exhibition booth near Tellus.  

Sustainable business and innovations from the Arctic

Business Index North (BIN) project focuses on sustainable development and value creation in the Arctic and High North, with the aim of creating a knowledge-based information tool for stakeholders in the Arctic including businesses, academics, media and governments. Alexandra Middleton will give a short summary of the research repeated twice at 5.15pm and 5.45pm. Tellus Brisk

Printable electronics in a flexible way

The researchers of VTT demonstrate how solar cells and LED membranes printed on organic and flexible surfaces yield various solutions. On show are OPV and other membranes fresh from the printer, a solar cell doll’s house, electrochrome displays and LED light membranes. Front of Tellus

A window into the tropics

The greenhouses of the Botanical Gardens, Romeo and Juliet, are open to the public. Secrets of tropical and subtropical vegetation. Guided tours every half hour. Botanical Gardens, Kaitoväylä 5.

Expeditions from Ruanda to the northern fells

Researchers Niina Kunnas, Juho-Antti Junno and Olli Karjalainen will give pictorial presentations of their expeditions round the world. Only in Finnish. At 5.30pm-6pm, Tellus Stage.

Panel discussion: What traces does technology leave in humans?

We live in a time of technology. We are bombarded with new terms such as digitalization, virtual reality, smart devices, robotics... Does technology change the way we think or our physiology, and if so, how? What traces does technology leave in humans? Experts from different fields introduce the topic and discuss it with the audience. Only in Finnish. At 6.15pm-19.15pm, Tellus Stage.

Genetic tests for consumers open windows to the past and to the future

Doctor of Philosophy, non-fiction writer Marja Pirttivaara gives a lecture of genetic tests, how they can be utilized as a hobby or in civic knowledge. Only in Finnish. At 7.30–8.30, Tellus Stage.


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