Combination of enjoyable life and studying

Sana Sana
Molecular Medicine

When I landed in Finland, there were leaves everywhere on the ground and the trees were full of fascinating colours rather than conventional green. It was my first experience of a Nordic country in autumn, winter knocking at the door and Finland ready to cover itself with a white sheet of snow. Today, it has been almost five years since I first arrived in Finland.

After my Bachelor’s in Biochemistry, I pursued a business career and completed an MBA. I was interested in health sciences, especially in molecular biology and developments in medicine. As I encountered the Double Degree Programme in Molecular Medicine at the University of Oulu, I knew what my next endeavour would be: Course descriptions with anticipated learning outcomes and an opportunity to study at the University of Ulm, Germany, made me decide to choose this programme over other study opportunities.

Upon completing my studies, I will be awarded two degrees, one from each university. I anticipate that during my 2-year degree I will learn the practical applications of Molecular Medicine and hope for a career in research.

Finland for me is a land of dreams. Meadows, lakes, hills, islands, billions of trees and what not. The best season is summer when nature is at its boom. Strawberries, lingonberries, cherries and blueberries make you enjoy summertime. Autumn colours everything and winter with a lot of snow is, you guessed it, white - although the amazing northern lights spread splendid colours at winter nights in the northern part of Finland (yes, Oulu is in northern Finland).

I love living in Finland although for me, the dark and cold winters with the temperature sometimes at -30 degrees Celsius can be hard to bear. Nonetheless, all that has its own charm. Combining the enjoyable life with studying, I feel myself blessed, lucky and proud to be a part of the University of Oulu!

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Last updated: 25.6.2020