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The Science letters series begins with Niinimäki’s letter to Kekkonen: “I want to express my grateful thoughts to you”

This autumn, it will be 60 years since the University of Oulu started its operations. As part of the festivities, the university is publishing the Science letters blog series in which researchers at the university write letters to great scientists and prominent figures of the past. The letters take a stand on interesting phenomena, great moments of history and our shared future.

The first part of the blog series is Rector Jouko Niinimäki’s letter to long-time president Urho Kekkonen. Kekkonen was an important force behind the establishment of a university in Oulu. For example, he was one of the signatories of the parliamentary motion which proposed the foundation of a state university in northern Finland. As Prime Minister, Kekkonen was involved in making the decision on placing the temporary teacher education institute in Oulu. In 1956, Kekkonen gave a lecture on the topic of “Economic development of northern Finland” in the Oulu summer university.

In his letter, Niinimäki goes through the stages that led to the formation of the University of Oulu and thanks Kekkonen for promoting the case. The letter is also a report on the success story of the university.

The Science letters blog series will continue throughout the autumn:

10 September will see the publication of Heini Hakosalo’s letter to Rosalind Franklin. Franklin was an early X-ray crystallographer who made an important contribution to the understanding of the molecular structure of DNA.

On 24 September, Seppo Vainio will discuss ideas on evolution and genetics together with Charles Darwin, Gregor Mendel and Jean-Baptiste Lamarck.

On 8 October, the multiple-award-winning Heli Jantunen will discuss the significance of Marie Curie to her own work. What is the scientific continuum between them, and where does scientific curiosity lead?

On 22 October, Marko Mutanen will write to Carl von Linne.

On 29 October, Jouni-Matti Kuukkanen will address his letter to the philosopher of scientific revolutions. The letter will consider the development of science and scientific rationality: is science ultimately rational or not?

On 12 November, Pauliina Rautio’s letter will go to Jane Goodall. It will deal with the animal relationships of people, the related research and the sharing of everyday life with specimens of other species.

On 3 December, Petteri Pietikäinen will write to Edvard Westermark. The blog series will be concluded by Jarkko Saarinen on 17 December.

Rector Niinimäki wrote to President Kekkonen: "I would like to express my gratitude to you"

Last updated: 28.8.2019