The thing which sets you apart from others in the international competition

Hello, my name is Sebastian Frey and I am studying in the program International Business Management.

Why studying in Finland? A question I asked myself as well. Finland, the country with a weird language, a huge amount of lakes, but also with a lot of annoying mosquitos, a country dark for almost half a year day and night, a country where temperature can drop down to -30 celcius and people are still bicycling, a country known for introverted people. But it is also a country known for its high innovation level, for one of the best educational systems in the world, known for a very rich culture and a huge amount of nature.

Bearing these facts in mind and talking to some of my colleagues and friends back in Germany, which first did not know where Oulu is located, I thought that’s it. That is the one thing not everyone has in his CV or can mention as an experience he or she made. That is the thing which sets you apart from others in the international competition. Those facts and my career so far, a Bachelor in Industrial Engineering, work experience for five years and an inner need for internationalization were the key points for choosing to study at Oulu Business School in the program International Business Management.

During my first months in Oulu, I integrated myself very fast in the Finnish culture, discovered the city by bike, got used to sauna and experienced the nature around Oulu. Furthermore, I met great friends and built different relationships on a highly international level. Knowing people from all over the world gives your decision making process a huge positive twist and a variety of information. Getting involved in the student life brought new hobbies and responsibilities. I started to volunteer for NISO (Network of International Students) and the Red Cross.

Having stayed in Oulu for only a few months has changed my life a lot already. I am excited for what’s coming up next, and I guess I am moving towards a great future.

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Last updated: 22.6.2020