Studies, practical work, entrepreneurial spirit and exploring yourself

Sharmin Farah
International Business Management
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I am Sharmin Farah, a Master’s degree student in International Business Management at the University of Oulu. I completed my Bachelor’s in Management Information Systems from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Education is my passion, and that passion led me to teach in some educational institutions in my home country. I wanted to know more about International Business. After serving some years in my profession, I applied to the University of Oulu to get Master’s degree. Luckily, I got accepted and came here.

The main reason behind coming to Finland was that I heard that Finland is famous for its educational system and popular for research, technology and innovation. And, it is one of the safest countries in the world. My friend who is doing a PhD here had also motivated me to come here.

If you ask me what the University of Oulu is like, I will say it is not only a university, it as a great combination of studies, practical work, getting entrepreneurial spirit and exploring yourself more and more. So, apply to the University of Oulu to explore more about yourself!

As an Alumni Ambassador, I would like to help you in your journey when applying to University of Oulu. I am glad to tell you more about student life and my experiences - just send me a message!

Last updated: 17.1.2019