10 Reasons for Choosing Oulu

Are you considering exchange studies in the University of Oulu, or is someone asking you why you have chosen us? Here’s why and what you should tell them!


1. Location

How cool is north? Oulu has a perfect location in the north with close distances to all Arctic destinations and good connections to the rest of Finland. Despite its northern location, Oulu still isn’t remote; the city is vibrant and has an active student life!

2. Excellent university rankings. 

The University of Oulu is one of the world’s leading universities ranked in the top 3 percent of all the 17,000 universities of the world. Here you will get world class education.

3. High-quality research.

Studying here puts you in the center of groundbreaking research: all our eight faculties and award-winning research units provide our students an exceptional environment for learning and innovating. Read more about our Flagships and Centres of Excellence below!

 4. Safety and Reliability. 

Finland is a very safe country. Students here feel safe riding a bike, walking or travelling by bus during day and night, but it’s always good to remember general cautiousness.

5. Finnish people. 

Typically Finnish people are known to be honest, punctual, hard-working and reliable, but they sure know how to relax also! At first, Finns might seem shy or introverted but when you get to know them, you will gain a true friend for a lifetime.

6. The Nature, Peace and Cleanliness. 

Finland in known for its pure nature, peace and space. The environment here is stress-free and calm. The transfer from urban spaces to nature in Oulu is amazingly short. You can get from your home to and from the University to the forests and by the waters in 5-15 minutes and relax after a busy day!

7. Bullying and Harassment free university.

University of Oulu does not tolerate bullying or harassment. Study in an environment that supports equality and non-discrimination.

8. Ecological commuting. 

Oulu has the widest biking network in Finland. Around 20 percent of all trips in Oulu are made by bicycle. It’s eco-friendly, cost-effective and good for your health. Many of our students even bike throughout the year!

9. Get a good-looking mark on your CV.

Not everyone has been here and not everyone knows what life is like in the north. Being a forerunner makes you interesting! Use your experience here as an asset to set you apart from others in the international competition.

10. Arctic Attitude. 

Our northern location requires Arctic Attitude - a state of mind for never giving up and working together. Here you will learn to seize opportunities and go through challenges with positive and determined mind! Are you up for the challenge?




University of Oulu Flagships and Centres of Excellence