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All faculties in the University of Oulu offer courses in English for incoming exchange students.

Faculties and departments have prepared course catalogues to Weboodi system. You can find the courses offered for exchange students by clicking the name of your faculty and searching for a heading Courses in English for exchange students. If you cannot find courses meant for exchange students from the faculty/department in question, please contact the department's exchange coordinator to ask which courses are available in English.

Recommended workload is 30 credits per term, 60 credits for a full year exchange. Make sure you always consult your home institution to find out if there is a specific requirement on the amount of credits you need to pass during exchange.

If the catalogue has already been updated for AY 2020-21 it is marked in the list below. If the course catalogue is not updated for AY2020-21 yet, please use the current catalogue as reference for planning your studies.

Courses offered in English

Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine - FBMM, AY 2020-2021

Faculty of Education - FEdu, AY 2020-2021

Faculty of Humanities - FHum, AY 2020-2021

Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering - ITEE, AY 2020-2021

Faculty of Medicine - FMed, AY 2020-21

Faculty of Science - FSci, AY 2020-21

Faculty of Technology - FTech AY2020-2021

Oulu Business School - OBS, AY 2020-2021

Language studies offered by Languages and Communication - AY 2020-2120

Last updated: 21.4.2020