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Applying for an exchange

How can I apply for exchange? Which are the application deadlines?

First you need to be nominated for exchange by your home university’s exchange coordinator. See more information about applying and the application deadlines.

Can I choose courses from other faculties for my exchange?

Most of your courses should be chosen from your own faculty, but you may choose some courses from other faculties as well depending on your field of education.

We also highly recommend you to have some Finnish courses! Why? Well, how many people can say they speak Finnish?

The recommended course load per term is 30 ECTS. Make sure you also find out if your home institutions has specific requirements on this. See all our courses available for exchange students.

I have sent my application for an exchange period. When will I find out whether I am accepted as an exchange student in the University of Oulu?

We are processing the arrived exchange applications within two months after the application deadlines. We will contact you in case there is something missing or if you need to modify your application.

Once you are accepted, we will send you an acceptance letter and instructions for your next steps before the exchange. We will also contact those who are unfortunately not accepted.


Arriving in Oulu

When does the university semester begin? Is there an orientation?

Check the semester dates at our Academic Calendar. See information about the orientation.

I will arrive in Oulu a bit later from the original arrival dates and I’m going to miss the orientation. What should I know? Can I still attend on courses I have chosen?

It is strongly recommended that you arrive in time for the orientation. During the orientation, you will register to the university and get all the important information for starting your semester. You will also meet and connect with the other exchange students then! See information about the orientation.

Consult you faculty's exchange coordinator about the course registration, they will help you sign up on courses.

What are my options for travelling to Oulu?

If you are coming by plane, most international flights land in Helsinki. You can take a transfer flight from Helsinki to Oulu. The most ecological option and a cost efficient way to travel is to take a train from Helsinki airport and the fastest trains will take you to Oulu in around 6 hours. There are also affordable bus connections.

Here are some transport companies that offer good and affordable choices for travelling in Finland:


There are local bus connections from Oulu airport, bus station and train station going to city center and to the campuses. Also taxis are available! See question “How do I move around in the city of Oulu?”.


Life in Oulu

How do I move around in the city of Oulu?


Linnanmaa campus is about 5 kilometers and Kontinkangas campus 3 kilometers away from the city center. There are bus connections around the city, to both campuses, Oulu airport and train/bus stations.

See the prices, connections and timetables for buses.


When you arrive to Oulu, you will notice that people bicycle to places a lot. Oulu has great cycling paths, you can get anywhere by bike! Cycling is also a cheap option for travelling and you’ll get some fresh air and daily exercise. See cycling maps in Oulu city center.

When in Oulu, you can rent bikes or buy your own: from online flea markets, like , you can find a second hand bike for your exchange period.


What is the price level in Oulu? How much money do I need for living?

Globally the Finnish price level is rather high compared to average, exchange students usually spend between 600-900 euros per month. Cost of student housing is between 270-400 € per month. Listed below are some examples of prices in products (prices in 2019):

  • Lunch on campus for students: 2,60 €
  • Bus-ticket for 30-day period for students: 42 €, single ticket 3,30 €
  • Milk: 0,55-1 €/ litre
  • Train ticket to Helsinki: 27-60 €
  • Water: free since you can drink from the tap!
  • Pizza (eating out): 6-9 €
  • Movie ticket: 7,50-15 €

What is the weather like in Oulu? What should I wear?

In Oulu – and in Finland in general – we have all four seasons. Pay attention especially to winter clothing: temperatures can vary from zero degrees to -30 degrees. Spring and autumn can also get rainy. Your best friends in clothing are shoes that can handle moisture and are warm (covering ankles), a scarf, mittens and a beanie. Feet, neck, hands and head get cold easily. Also a warm winter jacket with some wind protection is important.


Before leaving Oulu

I’m supposed to leave Oulu soon, but haven’t received some records yet for my transcript of records. What should I do?

Please consult your course professor about the credits or ask your faculty's exchange coordinator for assistance. You can download a digital transcript from Weboodi with your UniOulu account until one month after your exchange studies.


Last updated: 19.11.2019