Current issues for students

25.11.2020 News

All the videos from the Festival of Cultures are available online

This November, the Festival of Cultures was held in virtual form for the first time ever.

25.11.2020 News

The corona situation in the area is accelerating – compliance with the recommendations is very important

On Tuesday, 24 November 2020, the Northern Ostrobothnia Regional Coordination Group stated that the coronavirus epidemic in Northern Ostrobothnia has entered the accelerating phase. The University of Oulu is also intensifying compliance with previous safety instructions and appealing to all university members to ensure that the recommendations are strictly followed.

23.11.2020 News

Remotely together webinar for students on 26 November

Are struggling with your studies or worry about your health? Welcome to discuss and ask what kind of support and services do the university and other actors serve for students for different kind of challenges in life and studies, and to share those successful remote study practices. 

23.11.2020 News

e-Exam is closed over Christmas 24.12.-3.1. (in Oulainen 21.12.-6.1.)

Electronic Exam rooms are closed during the christmas season 24.12.2020-3.1.2021 (Oulainen 21.12.2020-6.1.2021).

20.11.2020 News

Maintenance break in WebOodi

There will be a maintenance break for Oodi on Monday 23.11.2020 starting at 3.00 p.m. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

18.11.2020 News

Storytime for the Faculty of Humanities: Ville Hakamäki 

Storytime events invite University of Oulu alumni to tell their interesting career stories one faculty at a time.

11.11.2020 News

The recommendations for face masks and events for more than 20 people valid until 3 December

Following the recommendation of the regional COVID-19 coordination group of Northern Ostrobothnia Medical District, the University of Oulu recommends using a face mask in all public indoor spaces and public events in the Oulu city area until 3 December 2020.

11.11.2020 News

Service breaks in Windows servers on Nov 11

There will be short service breaks in several Windows servers of ICT Services on Wednesday 11th of November starting at 16:00. Mainly these will affect students' working:

11.11.2020 News

Join the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards on December 9th 2020 at TUAS (Turku University of Applied Sciences)!

Why? There is a chance of not only getting valuable information for your Start-Up, but also to win up to 25.000 $.

10.11.2020 News

International Talent Survey

A new ecosystem called Oulu Talent Hub is being established in Oulu, please take a minute to answer the questionnaire.

6.11.2020 News

Maskisuositus sähköisessä tentissä ja sääntömuutos laskimen osalta

It is also advisable to use a face mask in the electronic exam.

2.11.2020 News

Service break in OpenVPN in the evening on 4 Nov

ICT Services will install updates into the university's OpenVPN service on Wednesday, 4 November beginning at 21 o'clock.

2.11.2020 News

Info for students and staff on 5 November: Oulu city campus in the future?

Between June and September, over 800 university members participated in an online brainstorming about Oulu city campus, over half of them students. You are welcome to hear a summary of the ideas in the online session.

2.11.2020 News

Brown Bag: Pandemics as a Challenge for Society

The theme of the next Brown Bag seminar will be Pandemics as a Challenge for Society. The seminar will be held in Zoom on the 4th of November from 11 to 12.

2.11.2020 News

Exchanges outside Europe application round open

Call for applications for exchanges to destinations outside Europe is open for destinations in Asia, Australia, South America, Russia, North America, FIRST programme destinations in Russia and ISEP Program destinations. The exchanges are for either Autumn 2021 or Spring 2022. Only one application round for destinations outside Europe will be organised annually. Apply now if you are looking to go on exchange during the academic year 2021-22.

The deadline for applications is Nov 20, 2020 at 23:59 by which time the applications including all application enclosures should be submitted. Please note, that late applications will not be considered.

Please see the call for applications for more detailed information on the application process and the destinations included in this application round:

Join us in our infosession about the application round on Wed Nov 4 at 15-16 in Zoom:

More information also available at or

30.10.2020 News

Have problems in planning your studies and managing time?

Register for Time management and planning -workshop to sort out the remaining of this year's studies 

28.10.2020 News

Distance studies will continue until 31 May 2021 – Recommendation for face masks in public spaces

The COVID-19 preparedness team of the University of Oulu has decided that due to the COVID-19 contagion situation and the development of the overall pandemic situation, the University of Oulu will continue remote studies as a rule until 31 May 2021. Remote work will also continue as a rule until 31 May 2021.

27.10.2020 News

Timeout errors in email on Oct 27

Errors have came up in the email traffic of O365 service on October 27. The connection to Microsoft's server can break and the signing in doesn't succeed.

26.10.2020 News

Remote studies to continue through second period - If you are struggling with your studies don’t stay alone!

The second period started on Monday 26 October and the studies continue remotely. In the following lines, we would like to remind you about the exceptional arrangements, securing the learning environment and the different ways of supporting your studies at the University.  

22.10.2020 News

Mentoring programme 2020 – apply before Oct 23 12 o’clock (noon)

In the mentoring programme, the students are matched with a mentor who will support the student about six months in career planning and possible concerns regarding the working life. Mentoring requires commitment and taking initiative especially from the student. It’s a voluntary programme and the student doesn’t earn any credits.  All applicants will be invited to a discussion session in October and there will be a training session for all students who are selected to participate. Students from all faculties are very welcome to apply. Depending on the current pandemic situation, the programme will be organised possibly partly or in whole online.

22.10.2020 News

Storytime for the Faculty of Technology: Tiina Nygård

Storytime events showcase the career stories of University of Oulu alumni one faculty at a time.  The guest speaker for our next Storytime is Tiina Nygård.

20.10.2020 News

Apply to Kickstart business idea competition

Do you have a staggering business idea in mind? Do you want to develop your skills and win prizes? Apply now to the Kickstart business idea competition, application period ends on 3.11.2019!

20.10.2020 News

Phishing and scam calls – stay vigilant!

Messages which are phishing Office 365 usernames and passwords have been sent to the addresses of the university recently.