Current issues for students

11.12.2019 News

Changes to Kela’s phone numbers in Finnish and Swedish as of 21 January 2020

In January, Kela’s phone numbers in Finnish and Swedish will change. The change concerns the phone services for individual customers.

11.12.2019 News

Andy does not see the lack of Finnish skills as an obstacle to employment: “If you can demonstrate your skills, companies will go out of their way to have you”

International students Andy Alorwu and Anastasia Corjan have found employment in Finland during their studies. The government wants to support the employment of international students as well.

10.12.2019 News

University's IT Services in Facebook

IT Services of the university is also in Facebook. Like our page OY IT-palvelut and get the fresh news on your news feed!

29.11.2019 News

Access restriction at Pallopiha from 2 December to 13 December

The construction site in the north-western part of the Linnanmaa campus causes changes by blocking the entrances.

26.11.2019 News

New intranet for university’s personnel

New intranet for the university’s personnel, Patio, will be launched December 

25.11.2019 News

Tellus will be closed on Thursday and Friday due to 5G Cyber Security Hackathon

The first ever 5G Cyber Security Hackathon will be organized in Tellus this weekend (November 29th to December 1st).

8.11.2019 News

Award for a student for giving course feedback during spring term 2019

In spring term 2019, the teaching periods 3 and 4 were during (7.1.2019 - 8.3.2019 and 11.3.2019 - 10.5.2019) and until 31.7.2019

8.11.2019 News

Festival of Cultures will be celebrated on the 12th of November

Festival of Cultures will celebrate the internationality of our university again on the 12th of November from 10 to 4 in Tellus.

6.11.2019 News

Tour of Oulu ICT companies, Friday Nov 15th - registration is open!

This is an invitation to all international students in the field of ICT!  

1.11.2019 News

University’s student recruitment fair Abipäivät will host almost 5500 upper secondary school students

Abipäivät will be held at Linnanmaa campus on Wednesday 6th of November and on Thursday 7th of November. Please note that the campus will be busy. Restaurant Napa is reserved for the event visitors.

30.10.2019 News

How to start a company? Business Advisors will help You

How to start a company?   Do You have an idea or a hobby that is transforming to a company?

29.10.2019 News

Apply to Kickstart and win 1500 euros!

Do you have a staggering business idea in mind? Do you want to develop your skills and win prizes?

29.10.2019 News

East side doors of Virransilta closed 4.11.

East side doors of Virransilta and bicycle racks in the area are temporarily out of use due to construction work on Monday 4th November.

28.10.2019 News

IT Helpdesk will be closed Oct 29th at 12

On Tuesday all the service points of IT Administration will be closed at 12.

28.10.2019 News

Study psychologist’s pop up reception at Tellus Linnanmaa

Come to meet study psychologist at Tellus on this week’s Wednesday!

24.10.2019 News

Motivation for studies from daily life

The University of Oulu has over 1,500 international students. Although many of them are here on a temporary basis, they want to learn the local language.

18.10.2019 News

Information security deviation in Tuudo

On Tuesday, 15th of October during the afternoon there was an unfortunate error in the Tuudo mobile app. Error caused a breach of information security for one student. What happened was an unintended exposure of information, caused by a human mistake. The error was identified immediately, and it was fixed within two minutes of the occurrence.

16.10.2019 News

Campus digitised one toilet at a time

The digitalisation of the campuses is progressing quickly. In addition to applications that facilitate work and studies, technology has been integrated in restaurants and toilets.

16.10.2019 News

Study Abroad Fair in Tellus

Come and find out about the possibilities to study or do an internship abroad at Study Abroad Fair on October 29 at 10-13 in Tellus Linnanmaa!

At the fair, you can talk with students who have been on exchange or done an internship abroad and with students currently on exchange in the University of Oulu. There will also be general info stands representing opportunities for student exchange and internships abroad. You can more specific information, for example, about how to apply and what are your options and destinations available for you.

In addition to the Study Abroad Fair, there will be two general info sessions held on the same day:

Info about student exchange: October 29,14:00-14:30 in lecture hall L2

Info about internships abroad: October 29.,14:30-15:00 in lecture hall L2


15.10.2019 News

Free Webinars on Job Hunting This Week

The Urasampo project is offering two free webinars this week: LinkedIn Job Hunting and Creating an Impressive CV.

15.10.2019 News

FPA: 13,200 higher education students have received a request for information about academic progress

Students who do not meet the minimum credit requirement for financial aid have received a request for further information. The deadline for replying to the request is 25 October 2019. The most convenient way to reply is to use Kela’s e-service.  

14.10.2019 News

Equality and Diversity Awards to Vasiliki Mylonopoulou and Pia Askonen

The Equality and Diversity Committee of the University of Oulu has given the 2019 Equality and Diversity Award to former doctoral researcher Vasiliki Mylonopoulou and Management Assistant Pia Askonen.

11.10.2019 News

“I won’t go back to paper exams” – number of e-exams growing rapidly

The number of electronic exams has increased by half from last year. The electronic exam is a lighter process than the pen and paper exam.