Current issues for students

5.12.2017 News

Borrow a laptop using a self-service machine

Now you may borrow a laptop for campus use on both campuses; Linnanmaa and Kontinkangas.

4.12.2017 News

The first rewarding feedback period for the teaching period of autumn 2017

By giving feedback, the student may be affected. The course feedback is dealt with at all university level from the Degree Programme Committee to the Education Council.

29.11.2017 News

IT Helpdesk advises and guides

You find the IT Helpdesk on the corner of Kauppakatu and Väylä on a second floor.

28.11.2017 News

Interested in student exchange?

General information on student exchange is available at, an important source for information is also your own faculty’s exchange coordinator. Exchanges through Erasmus and Nordplus programmes are handled by your own faculty whereas exchanges to destinations outside Europe are organized through centralized exchange services. Next call for applications for destinations outside Europe opens on Jan 16, 2018 and for Erasmus and Nordplus exchanges on Feb 15, 2018. Different types of info sessions are also held when exchange calls for applications are open. Centralized exchange services can be reached through e-mail at, weekly walk-in service in Tellus is closed starting Nov 28.

27.11.2017 News

Answer to a survey about Teacher Tutoring!

OYY wishes to get students' experiences of tutor teacher activity and its quality. One of the strategic development goals of education at the University of Oulu is the develop the smoothness of the studies. Part of this goal the University will invest in developing the teacher tutoring and expand the activity and guidance service to the master's Studies. OYY wants to support this important investment through a survey whose results will be utilized in the development activities of the teacher tutoring. Link to the survey:


13.11.2017 News

Ask anything about internship Nov 29.

Interaction between study programs and working life - Poster exhibition Nov. 29

8.11.2017 News

Give feedback on your university

Give Feedback on your experiences at the University of Oulu, Finland

30.10.2017 News

Give feedback on courses

Collected course feedback will be processed at all levels of university administration from the Degree Programme Committee to the Education Council.

27.10.2017 News

Register in FSHS Self-service

Self is a service that allows FSHS clients to manage their appointments online. To book or change an appointment you need an appointment ticket, which you can get from a FSHS nurse or doctor during an assessment of the need for treatment or an appointment. You do not need a ticket to check or cancel appointments that have already been booked. First-year students will be sent a health questionnaire checking their health. Personal feedback on the questionnaire will be sent to you through the service. Self allows you to receive secure messages from FSHS staff about you current treatment. You can reply to these messages through the service.

25.10.2017 News

Be the Change – apply for student representative positions by Nov 16th!

The Student Union in the University of Oulu is seeking active and motivated student representatives, more commonly known as hallopeds, for the University Collegium, the Education Council, the Education Management Group, the Board of Examiners, the Teacher Training Management Group, the Teaching Development Group of the Oulu Extension School, and for the Faculty Management Groups, the Faculty Boards, and the Faculty Education Committees...

18.10.2017 News

Work, internship and theses work placement advertisements

Work, internship and theses work placement advertisements in Finland and abroad addressed to the University of Oulu can be seen on this website. Check out also our Twitter @InternshipUO.

13.10.2017 News

Learn effective techniques for scientific information retrieval

030008P Information skills for foreign degree students (1 ECTS) will start on 30.10. The course is aimed at the international degree students of science and technology. You will learn the basic techniques of scientific information retrieval, know the most important reference databases of your discipline and learn how to evaluate information sources.

10.10.2017 News

Student financial aid: monitoring study progress of the academic year 2016-2017

The academic progress of students last academic year is monitored annually in October by Kela. Academic year 2016-2017 is monitored this autumn. If you receive a request for information from Kela, responds to the request for clarification. Based on the clarification and the situation of the student, it will be decided whether the student may continue to receive student financial aid or not. Payment of financial aid will automatically be discontinued as of 1.1.2018, if you do not reply to the request for information. Read more.

3.10.2017 News

Call for applications for exchanges outside Europe open Oct 3-17, 2017

Call for exchange applications to USA, Canada, Australia and to ISEP exchange programme for academic year 2018-19 is open. Application period closes Tuesday October 17, 2017 at 23.59 by which time all applications with required application enclosures must be submitted to the SoleMOVE application database. The detailed call for applications, instructions, possible destinations as well as information on info sessions is available here.

3.10.2017 News

Yrittäjyys- ja innovaatio-opintojen kysely avoinna

Please, answer to a student survey about entrepreneurship and innovation studies and make a difference in developing your university!

2.10.2017 News

Well-being week from 9th to 15th of October

Wellbeing week is organized from 9th to 15th of October by OYY, University of Oulu and FSHS. Wellbeing week gathers together events that are aim to raise awarness among students and staff on how to improve one’s wellbeing and health. Please notice that some events are held in Finnish.

See all program at OYY’s webpage or at Facebook event!

27.9.2017 News

Successful studying -lecture Oct 12th

Planning your UniOulu studies, time management and learning: Thur October 12th at 16.15 – 18.00, lecture hall L8. Don't miss this!

21.9.2017 News

Answers needed: Tellus social media survey

Dear students, we really need your help in developing our services to better serve your needs. Please open the message and answer a 3-minute survey about developing Tellus social media channels. Survey is open until Wednesday, September 27th, 5pm.

20.9.2017 News

Earn a badge and free lunch coupons!

The University of Oulu wants to thank all the students who have achieved a minimum of 55 ECTS credits during the academic year 2016-17 by awarding them with a 55 cube-badge and lunch coupons to some of University’s restaurants (to be announced later on). Make sure that the courses you have completed by 31.7.2017 are registered to Oodi by 19.10.2017. 

19.9.2017 News

An Apple for a Teacher and the Call for a Coolest Teacher Ever

The Student Union organises the traditional event Opelle Omppu (An Apple for a Teacher) on September 20th. The event starts at 10 am on all campuses.

15.9.2017 News

ICT Services for Students will move Sept 18th

ICT Services for Students will serve from Monday Sept 18th onwards in a new state at KK241, 2nd floor, at the corner of Kauppakatu and Yläväylä, see Linnanmaa campus map.

14.9.2017 News

Starting Monday 18.9. the student services are provided by Faculty Service Points

Starting Sept 18th all the student services, such as registration, study certificates, transcripts and etc., will be provided from Faculty Service Point. You will find your own faculty’s contact information here . General student services will thus be no longer available through Student Center. University’s cashier services will stay in Student Center for the time being. N.B. the service is available only on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12-14.

In Linnanmaa campus, the Sport Passes (stickers) can be bought or picked up, when paid on-line, at the Student Union office, see the office hours here The sport course fees have to be paid directly to the University’s bank account, no cash payments. See for account info.

14.9.2017 News

Go on exchange for the spring term 2018!

Go on exchange for the spring term 2018! Erasmus exchange call for Spring 2018 exchanges opens on Fri Sept 15. The deadline for applications depends on the Faculty or programme. Some Faculties or degree programmes may also have Nordplus exchange opportunities to Nordic countries. Contact your Faculty or departmental international coordinator for more information about your options. Visit also our website for Erasmus and Nordplus exchanges.