Current issues for students

4.11.2016 News

Studying at the University and Career Planning - materials available

Academic Affairs organised in October two lecture in Studying and Career Planning:
a) Seeking work in Finland, internship opportunities and career planning on Thu October 13th at 14:00 – 16:00
b) Planning your studies, time management and learning on Thu October 20th at 14:15-16:00.

Materials of the lecturs are available in the web page.

4.11.2016 News

Tellus Innovation Arena

Tellus is an inspiring open space for learning, collaboration and entrepreneurship at the heart of the Linnanmaa campus. We offer free space for example studying, working and event organizing, and all of our spaces are totally free and open for everyone! In Tellus we want to courage and help students to collaborate, network and develop their skills, and for this we offer for example events, support services, company cooperation and entrepreneurship activities. Find out more from our website or come and meet us to Tellus Service Point!

3.11.2016 News

OYY moves near Tellus Innovation Arena

The Student Union moves to new premises beginning from the 8th of November. The new office is located next to Tellus Innovation Areena and former it has been office of the Faculty of Science (see campus map). Student Unions new visiting address is Erkki-Koison Kanttilan katu 1, 2T-door. Mailing address is the same old (PL 250, 90014 Oulun yliopisto).

3.11.2016 News

Aapo – Stay of Top of Your Studies!

New Aapo combines student and study services into one place. Aapo changed from a mobile app into a browser operated environment. Use Aapo on your computer's browser.

Aapo’s web version contains the same familiar functions as Aapo the mobile app: information on credits, timetable, registration, menus and study news.

Aapo is located at and on University’s web pages can be found at Studying Tools. Use University of Oulu account to login to Aapo.

18.10.2016 News

Planning your studies, time management and learning -lecture 20.10. at 14:15-16:00

Lectuer will be held on Thu October 20th at 14:15-16:00 at lecture hall L8, lecturer is student counselling psychologist Pia Partanen. Topics of the lecture are: Planning your studies - making progress, Time management and how to use your time well and Academic skills and learning

14.10.2016 News

Tuudo replaces mobile app Aapo

Aapo, app widely used by students, is replaced by Tuudo. Aapo can be used until the end of first teaching period side by side with Tuudo. Tuudo is available at Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

14.10.2016 News

Applying for an extended study period

Students who have begun their studies after 1st of August, 2005, have a limited study period. If a student’s normative degree studies period is coming to its end while the student has not completed studies required for the degree, the student may apply for an extended study period. Faculty’s Chief Academic Officer submits the application to the Vice Rector for Education, who makes decisions on extended periods. The extension must be applied for by the end of March, if the right to study expires on the 31st of July, and by the end of October if the study expires on the 31st of December. Guidelines and forms to apply for an extended study period can be found from UO’s web page. Read more on applying for an extended study period.

10.10.2016 News

Seeking work in Finland, internship opportunities and career planning

Seeking work in Finland, internship opportunities and career planning will be organised on Thu October 13th at 14:00 – 16:00 at Tellus Stage

- 14:00 Seeking work in Finland. Tina Sundqvist, Public employment and business services
- 14:30 Internship in Finland or outside Finland – financial support. Elina Koskinen, Student Center
- 14:45 Project experience, credits and perhaps money as well? Demola – The Best Deal in the World. Simo Kekäläinen, Demola Oulu
- 15:00 Career planing and work life skills. Anita Perttunen and Kaisa Karhu, Student Center

You can follow lecture also online:

10.10.2016 News

Coolest quality - The best samples of University’s development work?

University’s quality assurance system will be audited in autumn 2017. Part of the auditing will focus on examples of the University’s development work. Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC or Karvi in Finnish) requires three samples on the University’s degree education. Two of these samples is chosen by the University; one degree programme including bachelor’s and master’s education and one doctoral degree programme. The third sample of degree education is decided by the Karvi’s audit team six weeks prior to the audit visit. In addition to the degree education samples the University is required to choose a third sample, that is a function or operation central to the University’s strategy or profile.

All members of our university community, both staff and students, can give their suggestions for University’s audit samples. Speak out and tell us your suggestion for audit samples! The link will be open during 5-21.10.16.

29.9.2016 News

Wellbeing week 10.–14.10.2016

Wellbeing week gathers together events that are aim to raise awarness among students and staff on how to improve one’s wellbeing and health. Wellbeing week is organized during week 41 by OYY, University of Oulu and FSHS. Read more.

29.9.2016 News

Educational videos about the printing service

Canon has made short educational videos about the use of the printing service. Videos have been published on the WWW pages of IT Services. Read more.

26.9.2016 News

Changes to library late fees

Oulu University Library makes changes to the fees charged for items returned after their due date. For course textbooks, instead of the earlier single fee for the restoration of borrowing rights, overdue fees will accumulate daily. The change will not affect billing charges or replacement fees for lost items. Since the library system will be undergoing testing in August-September, the customer account page may display inaccurate information during this time. Customers will not be charged unjustified fees. The new fees will apply from 1 October 2016. Further information.

26.9.2016 News

Tellus Expert Hours at your service!

During the Tellus Expert Hours you can walk in without an appointment and meet experts from the Library (Information Services), Research Support Services, TE-keskus (employment services and services for starting entrepreneurs), Tekes Funding, Innovation (IPR and commercializing research) and Entrepreneurship Services every week. The experts will help you with issues and questions related to e.g. patents, inventions, entrepreneurship, e-thesis, databases, starting your own business and research funding. Expert Hours will be arranged every Wednesday at 12-13 pm at Tellus Avenue and first Expert Hours will be held on 28th of September. Read more.

26.9.2016 News

Learn effective techniques for scientific information retrieval

030008P Information skills for foreign degree students (1 ECTS) is aimed at the international degree students of science and technology. You will learn the different phases of information retrieval process and the basic techniques of scientific information retrieval, find the most important reference databases of their discipline and know how to evaluate information sources and retrieval results.

26.9.2016 News

Student financial aid: monitoring study progress of the academic year 2015-2016

The academic progress of students last academic year is monitored annually in October by Kela. Academic year 2015-2016 is monitored this autumn. If you receive a request for information from Kela, responds to the request for clarification. Based on the clarification and the situation of the student, it will be decided whether the student may continue to receive student financial aid or not. Payment of financial aid will automatically be discontinued as of 1.1.2017, if you do not reply to the request for information. Read more.

26.9.2016 News

Get work experience and networks - Tellus Volunteering Programme is live now!

The brand new, University-supported Tellus Volunteering Programme is open for registration now. We're searching for reliable, active, inspired and hardworking people to join our team! The Programme was created to help all of you to get work experience, gain new skills and networks and upgrade your CVs while working both inside and outside of the University environment. You will be able to construct your own volunteering experience by choosing the tasks which interest you the most and the amount of time you are able to allocate for them. Please note that the application period is open until 28.9. Read more. Apply online.

23.9.2016 News

Lectures on Studying and Career Planning

Succeed in studies and career planning and participate in these two lectures:

  • Seeking work in Finland, internship opportunities and career planning on Thu October 13th at 14:00 – 16:00 at Tellus Stage
  • Planning your studies, time management and learning on Thu October 20th at 14:15-16:00 at

More information on programme.

23.9.2016 News

Go on Exchange!

Call for exchange applications to Australia, Canada and the United States opened on Sept 20 and continues until Oct 6th. The period of exchange is either Autumn 2017 or Spring 2018. Read more. Erasmus+ exchanges to Europe for Spring 2017 opened on Sept 15. For more information, contact your Faculty International Coordinator.

7.9.2016 News

Download mobile app Tuudo!

Studentäs mobile app Tuudo is now available for download for University of Oulu students. Tuudo replaces mobile app Aapo.

6.9.2016 News

Sign up by Sep 9th: University of Oulu Alumni Ambassador Programme for students

Alumni Ambassador Programme participants will be trained to represent the University of Oulu in various marketing and communications related volunteering opportunities.

6.9.2016 News

Registration 2016-2017

The registration period for the academic year 2016-17 for existing students ends on 12 September, 2016. Read more.

6.9.2016 News

Apply to Demola Oulu

Would you like to add “project working experience in an international team” to your CV?

6.9.2016 News

Broaden Your Horizon – Go on Exchange

Call for exchange applications to Australia, Canada, China and the United States opens on Sept 20 and continues until Oct 6th.

6.9.2016 News

New Practices for University Exams for the Academic Year 2016-2017

Registration to University exams is done by Tuesday (at 23:59) a week prior to the University Exam. Students can find up-to-date exam information from WebOodi (e.g. when and where).