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30.8.2018 News

FITech network university provides studies at all Finnish universities of technology.

Info on Tuesday 4.9. at 13.15 (in Finnish)

29.8.2018 News

Entrepreneur Day BizBus on the 5th of September

Tired of biking and long bus lines?

27.8.2018 News

Changes to the laptop vendors

From the beginning of September there will be more laptops to be borrowed in the laptop vendors maintained by IT Services. Also the loan period will lengthen from three hours to four.

27.8.2018 News

Survey revealed harassment cases in university

The university will adopt a procedure of submitting an announcement of experienced bullying/harassment, with which a student or employee can submit a request to process an experienced bullying or harassment situation.

22.8.2018 News

Internet chat system IRC turns thirty

IRC has been used for 30 years. Did you know that it was developed at the University of Oulu?

21.8.2018 News

City of Oulu Internationalisation scholarships

The University of Oulu hereby opens a call for applications for City of Oulu Internationalization Scholarships. Applications with required enclosures must be submitted latest on September 15, 2018 at 23.59pm to study@oulu.fi.

The call for applications includes three different scholarships:

1. Living cost scholarship for University of Oulu International Master's programme students that have started their studies in 2017. Applicant must have achieved at least 55 ECTS during the first academic year at the University of Oulu. Number and amount of sholarships: seven (7), each 4000e.
2. Scholarships for short term (under 3 months) international exchange or internship period. Applicant must be studying for a Bachelor or Master's degree at the University of Oulu, the international period must be carried out during 2018. Number and amount of scholarships: ten, each 1000e.
3. Sholarship for University of Oulu International Master's programme students for an internship in Oulu. The internship must be carried out during 2018 Number and amount of scholarships: ten, each 1000e.

Full application instructions and application form are available here.



15.8.2018 News

Warning about phishing messages

IT Administration Services recommend both the staff and the students to be watchful with email links.

15.8.2018 News

Course registration error in WebOodi

There was an error in WebOodi course registration on Wednesday morning August 15.

14.8.2018 News

Faculty of Humanities moves into new premises one crate at a time

The Faculty of Humanities’ move is in its final stages. Most users seem happy with their new premises.

6.8.2018 News

The basic printing quota for the autumn term

The University has added 4 € to your basic printing quota.

25.6.2018 News

Academic Affairs Local Service teams for FHum-FEdu-OBS and for Ftech-Fsci are moving

Academic Affairs Local Service team for FHum-FEdu-OBS and for Ftech-Fsci will move and serve from June 26 in the service point of the former Student Center in Opintokatu. Service Point can be found from the map in Koulutuksen lähipalvelupiste KE1020.

20.6.2018 News

The planning of cooperation with Oamk proceeds

The outlining of cooperation between University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oamk) will begin promptly after the summer.

14.6.2018 News

Spaces of the future adapt to teaching activities

Modern learning environments support the development of education and competence but also require changes in operating culture.

12.6.2018 News

The prize of student for giving feedback to teaching on periods of spring 2018

Teaching periods 3-4 in this Spring 2018 have ended and 31.5.2018 until the students had the opportunity to give feedback on all courses for which the student had participated in during the teaching periods in question.

4.6.2018 News

Dentopolis Examinarium at Kontinkangas Campus opens up on 5.6.2018.

Dentopolis Examinarium at Kontinkangas Campus will open up for students on 5.6.2018! 

4.6.2018 News

Festival of Cultures on October 3rd

On October 3, University of Oulu organizes the Festival of Cultures.

30.5.2018 News

University of Oulu to become principal owner of Oulu University of Applied Sciences

The Board of Directors of the University of Oulu decided on 30 May 2018 that the University of Oulu will buy a majority share in Oulu University of Applied Sciences Ltd (Oamk).

24.5.2018 News

Warning of phishing

IT Administration Services of the University of Oulu recommend the carefulness and the consideration in the opening of the links of the e-mail. At the moment a new phishing message is spreding.

22.5.2018 News

KELA: Students – apply now for student financial aid for the summer months!

Students who will be studying in the summer should apply for financial aid now, so that the applications can be processed and decided on before the summer studies start. Apply for student financial aid for the summer months online.

18.5.2018 News

Give course feedback - win iPad

Spring's 2018 teaching periods are coming to an end and now is the time to give feedback on all the actual teaching to which you have participated.

17.5.2018 News

Linnanmaa shared campus progresses

Alakyläntie leading to Linnanmaa will be provided with bus lanes in both directions, and a cycle quality street will be built between Linnanmaa and the city centre.

4.5.2018 News

Exam user survey and current issues in Aquarium exams

Answer to a Exam user survey and win a 100 € giftcard! See opening hours of the electronic exam room during the summer and other current issues on Aquarium exams webpage.

27.4.2018 News

Oulun yliopisto joins the Harassment free Finland campaign

Experiences of bullying and harassment among University of Oulu students were examined in December 2017, as a part of a study conducted by the Faculty of Education. Based on the initial information in February, a majority of the respondents feel that they have not received sufficient information about how to act or whom to turn to if they encounter bullying or harassment: http://www.oulu.fi/university/node/51028. The full results of the study are still being analyzed.