Current issues for students

19.3.2019 News

Time management interactive workshop with Antti Niittyviita from Prove

- What is time management and why is time management important?

19.3.2019 News

Award for a student for giving feedback in International Student Barometer (ISB) in the autumn 2018

International Student Barometer (ISB) is a survey aimed at International student through which feedback on matters such as university services, studies and free time activities are collected.

15.3.2019 News

Locker user manual

You find the lockers at the front hall of architecture department (near the 2T entrance) and at G and F corridors at the FEdu.

12.3.2019 News

Participate and make an effect by international ECAR survey!

With most higher education institutes in Finland University of Oulu participates in ECAR 2019 survey, that collects information about how students use technology in their studies in higher education. The results of this questionnaire will be used on the development of teaching and services in University of Oulu and on national level to follow digitalization in higher education. Results will tell us also, how Finland manage in comparison in higher education level internationally.

8.3.2019 News

Brown Bag: the science behind happiness

On the world happiness day 20th of March from 11 to 12, Brown bag lunch seminar focuses on happiness.

7.3.2019 News

ATK-katu will be renovated into teaching and social facilities

New facilities will be constructed along ATK-katu, a hallway starting from the front of L10 hall. The new facilities will enable the use of educational models of the future.

7.3.2019 News

Soulutions offers an opportunity for networking and self development

Soulutions is a three-day event in which students and participants look for new perspectives and solutions for the challenges of companies, the public sector and researchers.

6.3.2019 News

Career Services opened an office in Tellus

Career Services office has been opened in the middle of Tellus. In this office, you will be able to get help to questions related to seeking jobs.

1.3.2019 News

The summer courses of the faculties 2019 has been published.

The summer courses of the faculties 2019 has been published University of Oulu Summer School 2019's webpages.

28.2.2019 News

Annual registration 2019-20 for continuing students

Registration period for continuing students for academic year 2019-20 is May 2 - Sept 12, 2019. Registration period for spring term 2020 is open Dec 1, 2019 – Jan 31, 2020.

21.2.2019 News

Cooperation with Oulu UAS takes shape in work groups

Ten work groups are analysing on the service structure of the two institutes of higher education, and they submitted interim reports on 15 February. The Services for Teaching and Learning group describes its work.

21.2.2019 News

How to market your events on the hallways of Linnanmaa

Do you know where you can hang posters? What services do Services Officers (virastomestarit) offer in organizing events?

15.2.2019 News

Passive register

The University of Oulu has done its annual passive register check for Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral students' study rights transfering to passive register. 

15.2.2019 News

University of Oulu begins to use Moodle learning environment

University of Oulu begins to use Moodle learning environment in the beginning of the year 2019. Moodle learning environment will replace Optima learning environment.

15.2.2019 News

Stuck writing your thesis?

Feeling stuck, overwhelmed and frustrated with the writing process and research? Join thesis support group!

13.2.2019 News

Mini-Brandathon discovers essence of brands together!

The Oulu university’s Tellus will be filled with 40 branding enthusiasts, when Mini-Brandathon, a "brand hackathon", will be organized in Oulu on 15. February 2019.

12.2.2019 News

Get a student ticket for Polar Bear pitching conference

This year we will be celebrating the sixth Polar Bear Pitching. There is a massive student discount on the price of Polar Bear Pitching conference tickets.

11.2.2019 News

Can you come up with a way to halve our carbon footprint? challenges everyone to come up with a way to cut the carbon footprint of finns to half of the current size.

11.2.2019 News

Masterminds' Club - How to build an impactful edtech company

Welcome to Masterminds' Club, an open discussion club where entrepreneurs and experts across industries meet with aspiring entrepreneurs to share the secrets of a successful entrepreneurial career

7.2.2019 News

Changes in facilities collected on to a website

The news regarding the facilities and construction projects.

4.2.2019 News

Phishing message with IT HelpDesk signature

Did you get the message the signature of which fallaciously is "IT HelpDesk"?

1.2.2019 News

Use of Noppa study portal will end

The use of the Noppa study portal will end on June 30th 2019. During the academic year 2019 - 2020 Noppa is no longer in use.

31.1.2019 News

University website menu update will take place February 4th

The development of the university website will cause changes in the website menus on Monday February 4th, 2019. In the menu update the new For students website, published in the autumn 2018, will replace the Studying section.

31.1.2019 News

Broaden Your Horizons – Go on Erasmus exchange!

Application round for Erasmus exchanges for the academic year 2019-20 opens on Friday, Feb 1, 2019. Please contact your Faculty exchange coordinator for more information about the destinations available for you. The application deadline is Feb 25, 2019. 

Call for applications for Nordplus, NOREK and Nordliks exchanges to Nordic countries is also included in this application round. Read more about Erasmus and Nordplus exchanges.