Current issues for students

24.9.2018 News

O365 email phishing message is spreading quickly, be careful!

Several warnings of the phishing of O365 credentials have been published during this year. Because of the quicky spreading of the phishing messages, FICORA (Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority) has classified the situation as critical.

21.9.2018 News

Moving ecosystems to caves for a more secure future — developing problem-solving and group work skills at the Future Factory

Powerful electromagnetic radiation caused by solar storms can interfere with or even break electrical devices. At the Future Factory competition group of mathematics and physics students thought about our ability to survive on Earth after a devastating solar radiation event — how can we prevent essential systems crashing if the ozone layer no longer protects us from such radiation.

21.9.2018 News

Student Affairs counters in Linnanmaa Campus are closed on Mon September 24th

Because of the whole day service break for WebOodi on Monday 24.9.2018 Student Affairs counters in Linnanmaa Campus (Service points in rooms KE1020 and TS107) are closed. Study Counselling services (Education Designers) are available normally.

21.9.2018 News

Oodi service break on Monday 24.9.

There will be a whole day service break for WebOodi on Monday 24.9.2018 starting at 9.00 a.m.

18.9.2018 News

Masterminds' Club: How to find business opportunities in AI

Masterminds' Club is back!

18.9.2018 News

Get to know over 40 cultures at once in Festival of Cultures!

Did you know that there are students and staff from almost 100 countries in our university?

18.9.2018 News

The President of Germany visits the University on Wednesday

There will be some restrictions in accessing certain areas in Linnanmaa.

14.9.2018 News

Building work of Tellus Kontinkangas begins

Tellus at the Kontinkangas campus will be ready by Fall 2019.

14.9.2018 News

Broaden your horizons - go on Erasmus exchange!

Application round for Erasmus exchanges for Spring 2019 opens on September 15, 2018. The call includes Erasmus exchange opportunities in Europe and Nordplus exchange opportunities in the Nordic countries. Contact your Faculty exchange coordinator for more information on your Faculty's application period and available destinations. Read more about Erasmus and Nordplus exchanges.

13.9.2018 News

Nyyti’s chat platform for the exchange of thoughts and ideas

Welcome to Nyyti’s chat platform for the exchange of thoughts and ideas between you and your fellow students. The chats will cover subjects surrounding issues that affect student’s daily lives but you are welcome to ask questions about anything that is bothering you for an open exchange of ideas.

12.9.2018 News

Bike parks at Virransilta out of use starting from 17th September

Bike parks at east and west side of Virransilta are out of use starting from 17.9.2018 due to construction work and maintenance traffic.

12.9.2018 News

Apply to become Alumni Ambassador; application period open until September 17th at 12.00 (noon)

Alumni Ambassadors represent the University of Oulu on social media, webinars, study fairs and other events. Your main task is to share your experience as a UniOulu student with prospective students..

10.9.2018 News

Sports courses star this week

Most of the sports courses ( will start this week.

Now there are more dance courses and yoga courses than ever in Linnanmaa.

7.9.2018 News

Order a library card and use 24/7 study rooms

Remember to order a library card in advance.
With a Campus card you can study round the clock in the 24/7 Campus facilities.

6.9.2018 News

Oodi service break on Monday 24.9.

There will be a whole day service break for WebOodi on Monday 24.9.2018 starting at 9.00 a.m. Note that also all Oodi related systems do not function properly.

6.9.2018 News

FITech network university offers a wide selection of studies in technology

FITech studies in technology are available to students at the University of Oulu. In the Summer Boost summer school, an automated vessel for collecting blue-green algae was partly developed by a student of Oulu University.

6.9.2018 News

Safety Observation Campaign for University


In 2017 the number of accidents at work was higher than for years - a total of 93 accidents. As a comparison, in 2016 the number of accidents at work was 58 and in 2015 in total 49 accidents...

5.9.2018 News

Changes to Exam Practices

The Vice Rector of Education has made a decision “

4.9.2018 News

Temporary Juvenes restaurant Väistö opens at the former Zoological Museum

Restaurant Väistö serves customers on the first floor of the former Zoological Museum starting from 4th September.

3.9.2018 News

Bicycle parking area development project

Construction work will close the bicycle parking area in front of Linnanmaa S2 door on August 27. There will be substitute bicycle parking near R door and Tietotalo. The area will be ready for use in late September. SYK bulletin.

30.8.2018 News

All information for students will be available in one place on the university’s website

Starting from 3 September, all digital content for students can be found in one place online. The new site will be concisely called ‘For students’, and a link to it will be added in the top navigation bar of the university’s website.

30.8.2018 News

FITech network university provides studies at all Finnish universities of technology.

Info on Tuesday 4.9. at 13.15 (in Finnish)

29.8.2018 News

Entrepreneur Day BizBus on the 5th of September

Tired of biking and long bus lines?