In the autumn, trees change color each day

Thuy Vu Minh
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Hi, I am Thuy. I am a first-year student in Finance. I am from Vietnam, a tropical beautiful country in South East Asia. I completed a Bachelor's degree in International Business and after graduating, worked for 3 years as a financial controller in Samsung. During this time, I realized that Finance is my favourable field and I wanted to pursue it in my career path.

It is the reason why wanted to study finance here. To be honest, I came here not only to study but also to discover a totally new environment. I wanted to experience new things, to push myself out of my comfort zone. Actually, I am a shy person a little bit, and I am trying to improve myself.

The life in Oulu is really peaceful, quiet and fresh. I have never seen trees quite like this. In the autumn, they change color each day and this makes me so excited. One more interesting detail about Finland is that there are directions signs everywhere and all gadgets have instructions which is completely different to my life in Vietnam and I love it.

The University of Oulu impressed me the first time I saw it ecause it is so big and colorful. The university environment is very open and international but then again, some activities only happen or market themselves in Finnish.

In conclusion, I am satisfied with the life here and I enjoy it. There are a lot of new things I am curious about: this city, Finland, Europe. I have a long way to go, to discover.

Last updated: 17.1.2019