It is important to be pro-active and get involved!

Thystere Bangue-Tandet
International Business
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Originally from Paris, I came to Oulu as an exchange student. Amazed by the time I had here and very much interested in meeting new people, in discovering new cultures and gaining valuable skills, I decided to enrol in the Master’s Degree Programme in International Business to complete my studies.

The University of Oulu seems to be a perfect place for me especially because I was also able to tailor my curriculum by taking complementary lectures from other departments. Besides living abroad, having a multidisciplinary campus and over 1000 international students coming every year was also a wonderful opportunity for me to experience cultural diversity, to live and work with people from different backgrounds.

During my studies, I have been involved in different student organisation activities to improve the student life in Oulu while gaining practical knowhow. Later on, I realized that in order to make the most of your time in Oulu it is important to be pro-active, be involved in volunteering projects and in various socializing and networking events. The more people you do know, the more friends, activities and job opportunities you will get.

Last updated: 17.1.2019