TUTLI-projects of University of Oulu

TUTLI (New business from research ideas) is a funding instrument of Business Finland. Funding aims to generate new research based business (new startups or licenses). 

University of Oulu has got 2012-2018 TUTLI-funding to 36 different projects where e.g. new antibiotics, method for measuring metal concentrations and video based analytics for sport teams have been developed.  


Table 1. TUTLI-projects of University of Oulu. The research focus area behind the project has been marked with abbreviations: C (Creating sustainability through materials and systems), D (Digital solutions in sensing and interactions) and M (Molecular and environmental basis of life-long health).

name of project starting year research focus area

founded company

1. ​ Measuring system to the melting furnaces of metals (Process and Environmental Engineering) 2012 C Luxmet Oy
2. Measuring system for characterization of stone particles, RAIKU (Cemis-Oulu) 2012 C  
​3. Software for cost accounting of companies (Oulu Business School) 2012 D weVision Oy
​4. ​ Raman spectroscopy measuring system (Electrical Engineering together with VTT and Tampere Technical University) 2012 D TimeGate Instruments Oy
5. Sensor related to food safety (Electrical Engineering with Åbo Academi) 2012 D  
6. Safe authentication to e-services, BIOID (Computer Science and Engineering) 2012 D WebSecTec Oy
7. System to measure metal concentrations of waters, MEAN (Cemis-Oulu) 2013 C Meoline Oy
8. Measuring system to detect biofilms, MAGBIO (Process and Environmental Engineering) 2014 C  
9. System to measure element concentrations, PREMIUM (Electrical Engineering) 2014 C Sensmet Oy
10. Biosensor for measuring insulin, BIO IN (Cemis-Oulu) 2014 M  
11. Method for isolation of proteins from potato waste, PI2 (Process and Environmental Engineering) 2014 C  
12. ​Service for making personal recommendations from TV-programs, PCC (Computer Science and Engineering) 2014 D Valossa Labs Oy
13. New business from plant-derived peptides, CHAIN (Biology) 2015 M Chain Antimicrobials Oy
14. Measuring brain function during intensive care , BRAINICU (Computer Science and Engineering) 2015 M, D Cerenion Oy
15. Computer aided radiology diagnostics system, CARDS (Electrical Engineering) 2015 M, D  
16. 3D human based tumor bioassays, MyoGel (Dentistry) 2015 M  
17. Bioethonol production optimization; versatile process analyzer, MPA (Cemis-Oulu) 2015 C  
18. Durable dental composite, DDC (Dentistry) 2015 M  
19. Fatty Acid Analogs for treating retinal degeneration, FAR (Biology) 2016 M  
20. Icing condition management in wind energy production, ICEMET (Electrical Engineering) 2016 K  
21. Video-based analytics for team sports, MoreSport (Center for Machine Vision and Signal Analysis) 2016 D AISpotter Oy
22. Novel Non-invasive Knee Diagnostic Device, MAKNEE (Research Unit of Medical Imaging, Physics and Technology) 2016 M  
23. Health components of lingonberry, PULU (Cemis-Oulu) 2016 C  
24. Remotely-readable rheometer with disposable probes, RHEO-DISP (Optoelectronics and Measurement Technologies) 2016 C  
25. A Solution for separation of oil liquids from water surfaces, OIL-FILT (Fibre and Particle Engineering) 2017 C  
26. Precision morphology analytics for osteoarthritis, MorphoLogic (Research Unit of Medical Imaging, Physics and Technology) 2017 M, D  

27. Simple Smart Sensors, S3 (Circuits and Systems CAS)

28.  "A smart furniture" enabling the large data transfer capacity in crowdy environments, iPoint (Microelectronics)

2017 D  
29. Knowledge-based soil moisture management (Mechatronics and Machine Diagnostics) 2017 C  
30. Tools for oral healthcare, DentSaver (Optoelectronics and Measurement Technology + Oral Health Sciences) 2018 D, M  
31. Measurement of Respiratory, MobiResp (Biosignal analysis + PEDAGO-research unit) 2018 D, M  
32. Lightopsy - Smart Tumor Biopsy (Research Unit of Medical Imaging, Physics and Technology together with Aalto University) 2018 M  
33. Brazzein - Efficient production of Brazzein, a natural zero calorie sweetener (Protein folding -research unit) 2018 M  
34. PwrShop.online – Innovative solution for electric mobility (CWC - Networks and Systems) 2018 D  
35. GBRT - Geomet Rolls Breakage Test (Mining School) 2019 C  
36. LIDAR (Optical Radar) for automatic vehicle control (Circuits and Systems CAS) 2019 D