New challenges bring more opportunities

Tzu-Ying Wu
International Business Management
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Me in Brief

My previous degree is Bachelor’s Degree in Business with Human Resources Management major from U.S. I used to work in an HR position and senior buyer from different industries in Taiwan. My former jobs allowed me to travel in Asia and participate with other business partners from variety of nationalities. After several years of working, I decided that it is time for me to reset my career goal and take the next steps for new ventures. By accepting the offer from Oulu Business School, I have been attending my first year in Master’s degree program. This program creates motivation, opportunities, self-­‐development and career preparation. I have gained a lot of practical experience and professional knowledge through designed courses and received plenty of resources from my study program. Due to my learning experiences and great living in Oulu, I am happy to be part of Alumni Ambassador Program and share what I have learned during my staying in Oulu.


New Challenges Bring More Opportunities:

As an international student, it was not easy for me to begin with my first few months in Oulu. I have had to adjust to a new environment in order to just settle down. The weather condition, culture differences, academic settings and language barriers create challenges for me. At the same time, more opportunities are following up with those challenges. So, I have decided to step out of my comfort zone. By doing so, I have met new people, built relationships, joined university activities and developed more from programs. It is a wonderful self-­‐learning process during my study here and the program has provided me all resources needed. Eventually, I am able to develop myself and work on my potentials.


Student Life in Oulu:

The university has many organizations, activities, workshops, and sport events for students to participate with their preferences. Students have high living standard and friendly studying environment at University of Oulu. We also expose to international environments by international students and instructors. Last but not least, the university also gives support on studying aboard, internships and career planning to prepare you in the real world. 

Last updated: 17.1.2019