University of Oulu 60 years - For the Next Generation

During the opening ceremony of the first academic year in 1959, there was a butterfly flying around the speaker´s podium while professor Pentti Kaitera was giving his speech. The butterfly suddenly landed on professor Kaitera’s tailcoat. On that day, the success story of the University of Oulu started. The butterfly effect has lasted until today and will last for the next generations as well. We have always looked into the future and worked for a more sustainable, healthy and intelligent world.​

We continue this work based on our 60 years of experience - for the next generation. In 2019 we invite all the friends of the university to celebrate with us. 

Nearly 60 000 memories

"I still recall the farewell day vividly, what an emotional moment it was! I dearly wish one day I will get to revisit the University and reassemble with my friends and colleagues. I still miss the University of Oulu atmosphere and warm people out there."

There are already nearly 60 000 University of Oulu alumni. They have sent us their best memories on their study years at the University of Oulu. Read the stories of others. We thank all our alumni for the wonderful memories we have received!

The University of Oulu alumni change the world.

Six Decades of Alumni