Alumni memories of the 60 years old University of Oulu

The alumni are an important part of the University of Oulu’s 60-year history and so, during this anniversary year 2019 we want to collect the best memories of their study years. We will publish selected memories on university channels during the 60th anniversary. Nowadays the University of Oulu alumni body is almost 60 000. We are proud of our nearly 60 000 alumni who are active in the Oulu region, nationwide and worldwide. The stories and memories live on because even though you graduate someday, the link to the University is forever. The experiences and expertise of Alumni benefit also our future generations.

While reading these stories you might also remember some interesting, funny, exciting or touching incidents of your study years at the University of Oulu. In case you would like to share your memory with us, please submit it here.

Thank you all who have shared their stories so far and we are happy to receive even more memories!