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Services for development of research-based innovations, university-company collaboration and business development at the University of Oulu and the Oulu University of Applied Sciences

Our services are

1) Intellectual property rights (IPR) and technology transfer

  • commercialization of research results
  • administering patent portfolio of university
  • helping to apply Business Finland´s TUTLI-funding
  • courses from intellectual property rights and utilization of patent databases
  • advicing researchers and students on issues related to inventions, softwares, patenting and research based startup-companies

2) Business development

  • more value to the research- and student-based business ideas
  • Avanto accelerator for developing ideas and building business teams

3) University - company collaboration

  • building new collaborations
  • supporting old collaborations

You can contact us:

IPR and Technology Transfer

Maarit Jokela Maarit Jokela, University of Oulu                                  

+358 40 3559660

Pekka Räsänen Pekka Räsänen, University of Oulu

+358 40 0582254


Business Development

Janne Haverinen Janne Haverinen, University of Oulu +358 50 5172355
Niina Karvinen Niina Karvinen, University of Oulu +358 50 4309116
Katta Siltavirta Katta Siltavirta, Oulu University of Applied Sciences +358 40 5944676
Jouko Uusitalo Jouko Uusitalo, University of Oulu +358 50 4769717


Business Collaboration

Ville Kärkkäinen Ville Kärkkäinen, Oulu University of Applied Sciences +358 40 5450583
Sami Niemelä Sami Niemelä, Oulu University of Applied Sciences +358 50 3174713
Anne Sorvari Anne Sorvari, University of Oulu

+358 50 0380947

Kaisa Still Kaisa Still, University of Oulu

+358 40 1508741

Email: First name.Lastname(at)

Last updated: 16.8.2019