Here you learn for life, not for the exam

Finland is the first country Vinay Shekar has visited outside of India, and, being Indian, he wanted to see if there was a chance to play cricket when he first came to Oulu. Turned out there was, and now he is the captain of the Oulu Cricket Club. “Cricket is followed as a religion in my country,” Shekar laughs.

Shekar is passionate about his studies as well as his athletic endeavors. He studies Sustainable Energy Systems in the Environmental Engineering Master’s programme at the University of Oulu. As Shekar puts it, environmental engineering is about finding solutions to problems by seeing them in nature.

“It’s being between nature and technology in a sense. I see myself working in places where a lot of renewable energies are in use. We need to shape our future by designing and developing a modern, sustainable world,” Shekar says.

As far as his studies, Shekar says that he was surprised to see how different the concept of teaching and learning was in Oulu as compared to India.

“Here students have a lot of personal freedom. We learn a lot from lecturers, but also a lot through studying autonomously and in groups. Discussions stick with you for a long time, I think that collaboration and conversation are very efficient. The University of Oulu wants the students to learn for life, not just for the exam,” Shekar says.

Methodical and enthusiastic, Shekar is also happy to be a part of the UniOulu Ambassador Programme, which he says is a way to learn marketing and leadership skills in addition to its social aspect. During his first year of studies, he wanted to concentrate on his curriculum, but since then has had plenty of time to take part in extracurricular activities.

“There are many activities to do here and I wated to take on more responsibilities--in addition to cricket, that is,” Shekar laughs.

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Last updated: 12.6.2020