Succeeding with friendly student colleagues and approachable professors

I am Vy from Vietnam, and I am a student at the Master’s Programme in Finance at Oulu Business School.  

Besides my degree  programme studies, I have found many learning opportunities ranging from events to multidisciplinary projects with students from all around the world.  For example, I am in a student team participating in a Demola project working to solve a real-life case for PSOAS (Pohjois-Suomen opiskelija-asuntosäätiö), a local housing company that provides affordable accommodation for us students.

The culture at the University of Oulu nurtures the student. You bear great independent responsibility for your studies but on the other hand, you have professors who are approachable and dedicated to their work, and are always open for consultations. I have friends and student colleagues who are friendly, helpful and willing to help me succeed. We grow together, I feel.

The Linnanmaa campus is one of the coolest campuses I have ever seen. The buildings of all departments are connected to each other making it a huge indoor academic city (you can get an idea of the campus having a look at it on the map). My favorite place is the Aspire room in Tellus Innovation Arena; the room itself looks like a creative playground.

My life does not revolve only around studies. My favorite thing about Oulu is taking a biking tour around the city, seeing parks, lakes, and the beautiful sceneries. An interesting detail about living in Oulu is that Lapland, Sweden and Norway are really easily. Ikea Haparanda/Tornio in Sweden, a stone’s throw away from the Finnish border, for example is some 130 km and a couple of hours drive from Oulu and you probably figured out already that yes, I have had the chance to visit the store.

Winter is coming, but for me Oulu feel as warm as home.

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Last updated: 18.6.2020