From Beijing to Oulu

Weiping Huang
MBA Graduate 2011
Software, Systems and Services Development in the Global Context

I am a University of Oulu Alumni Ambassador who graduated from MBA Programme in Oulu Business School, and I currently study for a Master’s Degree at the Information Processing Science department at the University of Oulu. This Alumni Ambassador Programme brings me a great opportunity to share my experience of living in Oulu and studying in the University of Oulu with others.

My relationship with Finland could be traced back to about 7 years ago when I was working in Nokia R&D center in Beijing. I traveled a lot to Finland, and fell in love with this beautiful country. In year 2008, I made one big decision of my life to move to Oulu. At that time, I was working for a Finnish company. The new life was exciting but also challenging, since I had to start from beginning, especially with the language and the social life. My first touch with the University of Oulu was the Survival Finnish language course I joined. There I met people like me, with different backgrounds, and I started to know more about the University of Oulu. In my second year after having moved to Finland, I applied to the MBA Programme of Oulu Business School where I learned new knowledge, met new friends, and more important is that I found myself again. Life became much more meaningful and colorful.  

Challenge Yourself!
I am a person who likes to challenge herself and keep trying new things. MBA programme opened my view of Business, considering of my engineering background, as well as the good experience of earlier study in Oulu, I applied to the Master’s Degree programme in Information Processing Science at the University of Oulu. I enjoy the studies here, even though sometimes it can be tough and it gives me pressure. A good way to spend time during the long cold Finnish winter is to talk about studies and hobbies with fellow students, and we often get together and party during weekends and holidays.

Last updated: 17.1.2019