Finnish academic life values collaborative learning and inclusive education

Wen (Dora) Huifan
Education and Globalisation
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I am Wen Huifang. I come from Wuhan, a city located in south-east China. I am studying towards a Master’s degree in Education and Globalisation. I have a previous degree in English Education from China. In my spare time I enjoy playing ping-pong, cooking Chinese food and doing outdoor sports.

I came to Finland in September, 2015.  After one-and-a-half years’ experience, I still feel happy with my decision. Here are some incidents that have surprised me and made me happy here: in the first week after my arrival, I met an elderly couple who showed me the way back to my apartment, when I was cycling in winter I was offered a pair of gloves by a lady I had never met before - and several times I have had strangers running after me to give me back my phone/student card/ library card I have misplaced. I like the fact that after my Finnish lessons, I can understand what people talk and decode signs and shop advertisements on the streets.

I love Finland, especially the cooperative academic atmosphere. Instead of emphasizing competition and ranking, Finnish academic life values collaborative learning and inclusive education. This makes the overseas study experience in Finland unique. With support and trust from teachers and classmates, you can explore your potential and figure out what you want in your life and start actively pursuing it!

I will graduate in June 2016. With that day approaching, I feel an impending need to make full use of my remaining time here. I am looking forward to encountering more surprises in my life and wishing to be a messanger in letting more people know about Finnish academic and daily life!

Last updated: 17.1.2019