The exciting process of adapting to the Finnish education system

My name Zindaba Mwanza, and I am a first-year student in the International Masters of Economics program. I have been at the University of Oulu for only a couple of months but I am already in love with the city - the peace and quiet, nature and fresh air.

My program is quite challenging but interesting at the same time. While the Master of Economics program is International, I had to adapt to the Finnish education system and I find the process exciting. I noticed that the teachers here are very engrossed in making students knowledgeable and giving them ideas as opposed to getting their students to just pass exams.

I live 10 minutes away from the Linnanmaa campus and joined the majority of the local student population that cycle to school every morning. Coming from Zambia, this mode of commute to school is fun and new to me. I am particularly impressed with the road inclusion for cyclists in Finland. It makes it more convenient and affordable to move from place to place and it’s a nice way to exercise and keep warm during the winter.
I find the campus quite suiting to all of my student needs, the amenities on campus are accessible for all sorts of reasons – meeting rooms for group discussions, relaxing areas if one is exhausted, personal study rooms and more.

I expect to be more advanced in my academic knowledge and its applications, learn a different level of international professionalism and skills, and have loads of fun by the time I get through with my program. I have made friends from different countries and backgrounds and I learn something new about various cultures every day. I am excited about the prospects of learning a new language – Finnish. Also, I am already making plans to travel within and out of Finland during the holidays.

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Last updated: 25.6.2020