What is plagiarism?
plagiarize, v.
to take and use as one's own (the thoughts, writings, or inventions of another person); to copy (literary work or ideas) improperly or without acknowledgement. (Source: Oxford English Dictionary.)

What is Urkund?
Urkund compares documents and flags similarities as a possible instance of plagiarism.

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About Urkund

  • Only copyright owners can submit their own documents to Urkund.
  • Submitter of the document can be a student or an employee of the University of Oulu.
  • The receiver of the Urkund analysis is always employee of the University of Oulu. Students cannot use Urkund independently.
  • Documents are submitted to Urkund via this webpage, via Laturi system or via Moodle learning environment.
  • All submitted documents are saved permanently to Urkund.
  • All submitted documents are used later as comparison material in Urkund archive.
  • Urkund compares a document submitted into it with it's own archive of all previously submitted documents, material on the internet and in the protected databases of Urkund's partners.
  • Documents saved into Urkund are not publicly available. Urkund analyses include links to the archived documents that contain similarities, unless the author of the document has prohibited it (Exempt document).
  • Documents in Urkund cannot be searched.
  • Users can not delete or remove documents from Urkund. If it is necessary to remove a submitted document teacher must contact the Urkund support: support(at)urkund.com.
  • In Urkund analyses teacher can deactivate the version submitted earlier from the list of documents against which the document is compared.

Urkund process is represented in following pages

Doctoral theses

  • University of Oulu Graduate School (UniOGS) recommends that an Urkund anti-plagiarism inspection is carried out before the printing and publication of the thesis.
  • In the case of compilation theses, only the Introduction of the doctoral thesis without bibliography is to be uploaded into the Urkund system.
  • If the doctoral candidate is not an employee of the University of Oulu, she/he can authorize the supervisor to submit the thesis to Urkund.
  • If the principal supervisor is not an employee of the University of Oulu, another supervisor or a degree supervisor must be selected as the recipient, who will then forward the Urkund analysis to the principal supervisor by email, or directly via Urkund.
  • More information: http://www.oulu.fi/uniogs/thesis.

Bachelor and master theses

Essays and other course writings

  • Teachers are obliged to use the Urkund system in the courses they teach and to recommend that students submit their work to the Urkund database for check.
  • On the same occasion, the teachers shall also instruct the students in referencing techniques and familiarize them with the principles of high-quality scientific practice, which every member of the academic community must know.
  • Urkund is available in Moodle (Moodle quick guide)

Writings of the staff members

  • Employees of the University of Oulu as copyright owners can submit their own documents to Urkund.