Urkund Contract

This is a contract between you and the university regarding the reviewing of your work (henceforth to be referred to as 'document') in the Urkund system and the saving of the aforementioned document into the system.

By agreeing to this contract you agree to comply with its terms and clauses and you give the university the right to use the document in ways defined in this contract. The university retains the right to decide how long the document will be archived in Urkund. The copyright to the document will be retained by the author and no other rights will be transferred to the university except for the right to use the document in ways defined in this contract. The document, which is fed through Urkund, will not be used in any other way except what is defined in this contract.

Description of the procedures:

On the way from you to your teacher, your document will pass through the Urkund system. It will be saved into the Urkund database, after which it is compared with other documents, encyclopedias, journalistic articles, scientific articles, books that are available for comparison, appropriate comparison material available on the Internet and other possible material suitable for comparison.
When the analysis is complete, a report of it will be sent to your teacher. This report lists possible similarities with other sources. The report contains a link to a general overview that the teacher can use when investigating the possible similarities in more detail. The importance of the possible similarities will be assessed by the teacher. If you so wish, you have the right to ask the teacher for a possibility to read the analysis of your work.

When the document has been fed through the system, it will be saved into the Urkund database as an archiving service for the university. The document can be used for analyzing other students' texts. If you do not wish that the works of students from other organizations can be compared to your document, you can prohibit the use of your document. If you prohibit the use of your document, your document will be saved in Urkund but it will not be used as source material except when analyzing the documents of students of the University of Oulu.
When you have uploaded the material to Urkund, you will receive a link in your e-mail. Through this link you can prohibit the use of your document as source material as regards parties other than the University of Oulu. After this, only the teachers of the University of Oulu will find your document in Urkund.



Last updated: 27.11.2018