Student / Submitter of the document

Prior to submitting the document to Urkund

  • The teachers apply for an Urkund user right through the link Apply user name to Urkund. Subsequently teacher's name appears into the Teacher list in Send your document formula.
  • Supported file formats of the text.
  • Only copyright owners can submit their own documents to Urkund.
  • Submitter of the document can be a student or an employee of the University of Oulu.

Urkund process

1. Documents are uploaded to Urkund via Send your document in this webpage, via Laturi system or via Moodle learning environment. In the same connection the Urkund terms of use must be accepted. In the Teacher list document submitter selects the person who gets the analysis of the Urkund inspection.

2. The system sends a confirmation email containing a link through which she or he can prohibit the use of the document as source material in the analyses conducted by other educational institutions (Exempt document). After exemption document will remain in the Urkund archive, but it can only be opened when analyzing documents sent by the University of Oulu. 

3. The Urkund system conducts the plagiarism analyses in few hours. The system sends the teacher an email notice with a link to the analysis of the document. The teacher interprets the analysis and decides whether or not the document contained plagiarism. Student has the right to see the analysis of the document.

Laturi and Urkund instructions.

Last updated: 2.3.2020