Prof. Bjørn Kløve

Professor, Laboratory Director
bjorn.klove (at)
Water Resources and Environmental Engineering Research Unit
P.O. Box 4300
90014 University of Oulu

Curriculum Vitae

List of publications

Research interests:

  • hydrology, water resources engineering, numerical modelling, groundwater research, environmental tracers, water quality, constructed wetlands, peatlands, climate and land use change.

Hobbies :

  • Sports, nature, cottage life and travelling

Selected publications:

  • Isokangas, E., Rossi, P. M., Ronkanen, A.-K., Marttila, H., Rozanski, K. and Kløve, B. (2017), Quantifying spatial groundwater dependence in peatlands through a distributed isotope mass balance approach. Water Resources Research. Accepted doi:10.1002/2016WR019661
  • Menberu W. M., Tahvanainen, T. Marttila H. Irannezhad, M. Ronkanen, A.-K. Penttinen, J. Kløve, B. 2016. Watertable-dependent hydrological changes following peatland drainage and restoration: Analysis of restoration success. Water Resources Research 52, 3742–3760.
  • JyväsjärviJ., MarttilaH., RossiP., Ala-AhoP., OlofssonP., NisellJ., BackmanB., IlmonenJ., VirtanenR., PaasivirtaL., BritschgiR., KløveB. & MuotkaT. 2015. Climate-induced warming imposes a threat to North European spring ecosystems. – Global Change Biology 21, 4561–4569.
  • Ala-aho P, Isokangas, E. Rossi PM, & Kløve B. 2015. Fully integrated surface-subsurface flow modelling of groundwater-lake interaction in an esker aquifer: Model verification with stable isotopes and airborne thermal imaging. Journal of Hydrology, 552: 301-406.
  • Isokangas, Elina; Rozanski, Kazimierz; Rossi, Pekka M.; Ronkanen, Anna-Kaisa; Kløve, Bjørn. 2015. Quantifying groundwater dependence of a sub-polar lake cluster in Finland using an isotope mass balance approach. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 19 (3), 1247-1262.
  • Abbaspour, K. C. E. Rouholahnejad, S. Vaghefi, R. Srinivasan, B. Kløve. 2015. Modelling hydrology and water quality of the European Continent at a subbasin scale: calibration of a high-resolution large-scale SWAT model. Journal of Hydrology 524: 733–752.
  • Tuukkanen, T. Marttila, H. Kløve, B. 2014. Effect of soil properties on peat erosion and suspended sediment delivery in drained peatlands. Water Resources Research 50: 3523–3535.
  • Kløve, B. Ala-Aho, P. Bertrand, G. Gurdak, J. J. Kupfersberger, H. Kvœrner, J. Muotka, T. Mykrä, H. Preda, E. Rossi, P. Bertacchi Uvo, C.  Velasco, E. Wachniew, P. Pulido-Velázquez, M. 2014. Climate Change Impacts on Groundwater and Dependent Ecosystems. Journal of Hydrology 518: 250–266.
  • Marttila, H. and Kløve. B. 2008. Erosion and deposition of peat sediment. Water Resources Research, 44 (6).
  • Ronkanen, A.K. and Kløve, B. 2008. Hydraulics and flow modelling of water treatment wetlands constructed on peatlands in Northern Finland. Water Research, 42 (14), 3826-3836.