Northern hydrology short course 2015

1.12.2015 (Koko päivä) - 3.12.2015 (Koko päivä)
University of Oulu

Preliminary programme

Northern hydrology – research methods and foreseen changes is a PhD short course arranged in collaboration between the universities of Oulu, Aalto, Turku and Helsinki, Finnish Environment institute (SYKE) and Northern research institute (NORUT), Norway.


Short course will be held in University of Oulu, Finland 1 – 3 December, 2015. Course will link multidisciplinary Northern and Arctic research and cover hydrological processes in the North. The processes strongly relate to the fields of hydrogeology, geochemistry, agricultural sciences, forest sciences, geography, remote sensing, ecology and civil engineering.


Target audience for course is multidisciplinary doctoral students in environmental sciences, whose research activities are related to Northern latitudes. Students will be introduced the key hydrological processes in cold climates. The course will tie the gap between theoretical concepts and practical applications by introducing state-of-the-art research methods and demonstrate use of available databases. Building on these learning outcomes, students will have the tools to understand expected hydrological changes in the future, which are relevant for their individual research topic.


The course is free and open for all PhD-students. The course includes field excursion/site visit.


Course capacity: Maximum of 30 students.


Send in your registration to the course to no later than October 1, 2015.

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