Homepage of Riku Eskelinen

Research interests:

  • Peatland hydrology
  • Groundwater management
  • Water quality in drained headwater streams


  • M. Sc. Tech in Environmental engineering, University of Oulu
  • B. Sc.  Civil Envineering Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences


  • Eskelinen R., Ala-aho P., Rossi, P-M. and Kløve B 2015 A gis based method for predicting groundwater discharge areas in esker aquifers in the boreal region (In review at Environmental Earth Sciences)
  • Karjalainen T.P., Rossi P.M., Ala-aho P., Eskelinen R., Reinikainen K., Kløve B., Pulido-Velazquez M. & Hong Y.A. 2013. Decision analysis framework for stakeholder involvement and learning in groundwater management. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 17: 5141-5153.
  • Koundouri P., Kougea E., Stithoua M., Ala-aho P., Eskelinen R., Karjalainen T.P., Kløve B., Pulido-Velazquez M., Reinikainen K.,Rossi P.M. 2012. The value of scientific information on climate change: a choice experiment on Rokua esker, Finland. Journal of Environmental Economics and Policy 1 (1), 85–102.
  • Rossi, Pekka M; Karjalainen, Timo P; Ala-aho, Pertti; Eskelinen, Riku; Reinikainen, Kalle; Klöve, Björn (2012) Monitavoitearviointi Rokuan pohjavesialueen metsätalouden suunnittelun tukena. - Vesitalous 53 (5), 26-31

Last updated: 10.8.2015