Joint Min-North - RESEM seminar September 21st 2017


Interreg Nord-funded Min-North and RESEM projects hosted a joint seminar on the 21st of September 2017 at the University of Oulu, Finland. We thank all the participants and presenters for an interesting and interactive seminar! Below you will find the presentations of the seminar.


Seminar program and presentations:

Keynote 1: Environmental impacts of mining activities and methods to reduce such impacts, Prof. Bjørn Kløve, Univeristy Of Oulu (UOulu)

Keynote 2: Managing the environmental impacts of mining - The role of environmental authorities, research institutions and mining companies, Chief environ. Specialist Soile Backnäs, Kainuu ELY Centre

Keynote 3: National sustainability scheme, Executive Officer Pekka Suomela, Finnish Mining Association

Keynote 4: How the participation in research projects can help the company fulfill its environmental responsibilities, Environ. Man. Ulla Syrjälä, Boliden Kevitsa Mining Oy

Min-North project presentation, Dr. Elisangela Heiderscheidt, UOulu

RESEM project presentation, Dr. Pekka Rossi, UOulu


Min-North project presentations

Waste rock lysimeters and potential dry cover structures, MSc, geologist Teemu Karlsson, Geological Survey of Finland

Strontium isotopes: Tool for predicting the geochemical stability of mine wastes, PhD candidate Musah Salifu, Luleå University of Technology (LTU)

Removal of Metals from Mining Wastewaters by Utilization of Natural and Modified Peat as Sorbent Materials, PhD candidate Harshita Gogoi, UOulu

Challenges using treatment peatlands in cold climate region, Dr. Katharina Palmer, UOulu

Temperature effect on the leaching of contaminants from tailings deposition site, Researcher Shuai Fu, The Arctic University of Norway


RESEM project presentations

Remote sensing supported surveillance of tailings dams and impoundments: case Laiva mine, PhD candidate Anssi Rauhala, UOulu

Remote sensing with satellites: Using satellite data (InSAR) to monitor surface movement:

     1. Introduction, Prof. Sven Knutsson, LTU

     2. Satellite remote sensing: monitoring ground surface movement & applications on tailings dams, MSc Line Rouyet, Norut

     3. Dam safety assessment via modelling and surveillance, PhD Candidate Roger Knuttson, LTU

Environmental monitoring with remote sensing: thermal imagery, Dr. Pekka Rossi UOulu

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