Tapio Tuukkanen

Researcher/PhD candidate
Current Position: 
Researcher/PhD candidate
Mailing Address: 
tapio.tuukkanen (at) oulu.fi
Street Address: 
Water Resources and Environmental Engineering Research Group
P.O. Box 4300
90014 University of Oulu

Research interest:

  •     Impacts of forestry drainage and peat harvesting on water quality
  •     Predictability of sediment and nutrient runoff loads
  •     Erosion and sediment transport mechanisms in drained peatlands
  •     Erosion modelling and GIS
  •     Treatment wetlands: characteristics, processes and purification efficiency


  •     M. Sc. Tech in Environmental engineering


  •     floorball, football, snowboarding, playing guitar


Tuukkanen, T. (2010), Suitability of RiverLifeGIS -geographical information tool for ditch erosion risk assessment in peatland forestry, MSc thesis, Water Resources and Environmental Engineering Laboratory, University of Oulu.