Power and (non)violence in the everyday and across institutional sites


Research on the theme area Power and (non)violence in the everyday and across institutional sites concentrates on (non)violence in human and more-than-human relations. The focus is, among others, on the prerequisites for, as well as possibilities and barriers of non-violence, safety, belonging and agency. The research is inspired by gender-responsible poststructural, new materialist and post-human methodologies and applies multiple qualitative and quantitative methods.

Key words: violence, non-violence, education, intergenerational, vulnerability, ethical, sustainability, intimate partnership, gender, peer-cultures, loneliness, belonging, non-belonging, (in)security, boys, girls, response-ability

Researchers(Emails forename.surname@oulu.fi unless otherwise stated)

  • Huuki, Tuija, PhD, Academy research fellow, Academy of Finland
    Gender-based violence in pre-teen relationship cultures: How history, place, affect and arts interventions matter
  • Parkkila, Helena,  MEd, doctoral student, Aurora doctoral programme
    Belonging and sexist violence – Capabilities of girls in a residential care institution
  • Rönkä, Anna R., PhD, researcher
    Experiences of loneliness from childhood to young adulthood
  • Alaraasakka, Eija, MEd, doctoral student 
    Beyond violence: Implementing security in schools
  • Pihkala, Suvi, PhD, postdoctoral researcher
    Feminist new materialisms and response-ability in addressing sexual harassment in pre-teen peer relations
  • Tumanyan, Marian, MA, doctoral student
    Arts-based methods in pedagogical communication about gender violence among pre-teen children
  • Uusikylä, Anu. MEd, doctoral student
    Nähty. Kuultu. Osallinen. Havaintoja oppilaiden merkityksellisten ja vastuullisten itseyksistä koulussa.
  • Haapanen, Satu, MEd, doctoral student
  • Isopahkala, Sanna, MEd, doctoral student
    Vaikeat tunteet koulussa
  • Kangas, Anu, MEd, doctoral student
    Violence in the family and the intergenerational transmission of violence
  • Haapakangas, Sari, PhD 
    Participation of children and parents in school (viewpoint of special education and equity)
  • Sunnari, Vappu, Docent

Selected publications

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Edited volumes

Huuki, T., Lunabba, H., Jokijärvi, A. and Jokinen, A.  (eds.) Paljon puhetta pojista. [Talking about Boys] The first Finnish academic, peer-reviewed anthology on boys and masculinities, bringing together new theorisations and research on Finnish boyhood studies (through 14 scientific articles).  Release in Spring 2017. (in process)

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