(Post)graduate seminars and networks

Gender researchers, UO, organize two research seminars: 1. a post-graduate WGS-seminar and 2. an Open Gender seminar.

Gender studies (post)graduate seminar
Gender studies–researchers, Faculty of Education, gather together for a regular post-graduate seminar (since 1998) for supporting and supervising the post-graduate research. The seminar is led by Vappu Sunnari. Check gender studies study guide for latest meeting schedule.

University of Oulu Gender Research Network

University of Oulu Gender research network works as an email list and organizes regularly meetings for all scholars of the University of Oulu who are interested in gender issues. The aim of this network is to inform on current issues and in the meetings to present works in progress and to share acute gender-related challenges in research practices. The coordinator of these meetings was first Vappu Sunnari, and more recently post-doctoral researchers Tiina Suopajärvi (2014-15) and Johanna Ylipulli (2015-16). In 2016-17 the group gathered together in a reading group on affect coordinated by Vappu Sunnari, Tuija Huuki and Seija Jalagin.

Last updated: 22.6.2017