University of Oulu, 2016

New Materialist Methodological Innovations and Contestations in the Arctic North

Project description

The scientific and societal objective of the study is to co-create and experiment gender research methodologies that strengthen the possibilities to research the needs, potentials, affordances and social and ethical challenges e.g. intersectional gender equality, in technology-rich university.

The biggest challenge currently is that technology development is missing people and therefore people should be situated at the centre of the development and use of technology. The complex environment where all technological co-evolution takes place is defined by speedy transformations in terms of globalisation, digitalisation and economic changes. It is obvious that the quality of research will suffer and the legitimacy and credibility of research within society is challenged if research-performing organisations present only narrowly the interests of the surrounding society.

An expression of Human@Technologies amplifies the standpoint of my study, which aims to take an anthropomorphic, technology-aware, gender-responsible and post-humanist feminist standpoint. A supra-disciplinary research-intensive organisation, such as the University of Oulu, functions as living knowledge lab and a globally known R&D hub. Moreover, the University of Oulu provides for the co-creation of futurities aiming to grasp a multitude of existing affordances and unknown becomings.


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Mervi Heikkinen

University Researcher