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Course: Ethics, Epistemologies and Capabilities (1-5 ects) 1.5.-30.6.2019 (part II)

Wednesday, May 1, 2019 to Sunday, June 30, 2019

Regarding the complex ontological nature of Social Sciences and Humanities as a field of study, a PhD student in this field is supposed to write more than ideas with facts and evidence in their research. Besides reporting other scholars’ work, they need to develop arguments that enclose their own thoughts and feelings about what they read and analyze. This might be called developing a “voice” through writing academic research. This skill might not be present in the same degree in all graduate students’ writings, but it could be developed as any other skill through practice.

The aim of the course:
The second part of the course is consisting series of meetings supporting the development of PhD students' voice through writing and presenting their own academic research in a seminar. The course (1-5 ects) aims for more nuanced understanding about the course topic - ethics, epistemologies and capabilities - by having a focus on emotions and ethics of affirmation that will be elaborated through related reading and scheduled workshops.

The first part of the 'Ethics, epistemologies and capabilities' course was arranged in the end of fall semester 2018 (1.11. - 21.12.2018). The part I of the course introduced the central theories and concepts of such theorists as Miranda Fricker, Ingrid Robeyns, Martha Nussbaum and Karen Barad. Link to the part I:

Moreover the aim of the course is to give a theoretical introduction to the research area of feminist ethics, epistemologies and capabilities in gender studies. The course will focus on how gender theories provide new questions and offer fruitful perspectives on analyses of academic research processes and particularly ethics, epistemologies, ontologies and capabilities in it, including one's own PhD study. Furthermore, the course will explore how gender issues are integral part of the organization and institutionalization of academic knowledge.

The course is relevant to PhD students in Human Sciences, but it may also attract PhD students from other fields. The course is in English, but Finnish language may be used for the final individual course assignment.

The course content and timetable are as follows:
1. Workshop on 'Emotions and Writing' in a botanical garden on the 8th, the 15th, (the 22nd on-line) and the 29th of May at 9-14 o'clock led by Rana Alameddine.
2. Webinar on 'Epistemic Injustice and Capability Approach' on the 15th of May at 16-17 o'clock arranged by Human Development & Capability Association (HDCA).
3. 'Ethics, Epistemologies and Capabilities' seminar meetings in a botanical garden on the 5th and the 12th of June.
4. Keynote by Professor Martha Nussbaum: 'Political Emotions in a Time of Fear: Practices of Hope' on the 19th of June at 13-14 o'clock in lecture hall AGORA - AT128.
5. Course assignment is an individual paper relating to one's own PhD study and having a focus on 'ethics, epistemologies and ontologies'. On-line submissions and collection of the course feed-back starts on the 26th of June.

Enroll by the 29th of April by completing the REGISTRATION FORM
You will receive e-mail with more detailed course instructions in the beginning of May.

by Professor Karen Littleton 'Envisioning Your Research Future (EYRF)' the 14th of May - registrations to Laura Palmgren-Neuvonen

Course convener Mervi Heikkinen Adjunct Professor, Dr. Mervi Heikkinen | University Researcher | Gender Studies | Values, ideologies and social contexts of education (VISE) | e-mail:

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