Johanna Honka

PhD Student
Mailing Address: 
Ecology & Genetics Research Unit
P.O. Box 3000
FI-90014 University of Oulu

Street Address: 
Office: B211
Linnamaa Campus
University of Oulu
Oulu, Finland

Thesis and objectives:

My PhD thesis focuses on the conservation genetics of declining taiga bean goose subspecies (Anser fabalis fabalis) and to the study of ancient-DNA of domestic goose (A. anser domesticus). My objectives are to determine the subspecies composition and geographic origin of Finnish bean goose harvests using genetic methods. I’m also studying the population genetics and genetic structure of the Finnish breeding taiga bean goose population using field collected feathers. One of my objectives is also to study the evolutionary history of domestic goose using ancient-DNA.

Research and interests:

My research interests are focused on the conservation, population and evolutionary genetics of different goose species. I’m especially interested in the management and conservation of taiga bean goose as the population has alarmingly declined since 1990’s but is still hunted throughout most of its range. I’m also interested in the domestic goose ancient-DNA as the origin of domestic goose is poorly known.

Profile and background:

I finished my Master’s thesis in 2015 at the University of Oulu. My study focused on the subspecies composition of Finnish bean goose harvests and after graduation I started as a PhD student at the University of Oulu continuing my work with geese.