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Academic North SUMMIT

Tiistai, elokuu 25, 2020 - Torstai, elokuu 27, 2020

Academic North Summit 25–27 August 2020


cademic North -project has been a joint endeavor of Luleå University of Technology, University of Tromsø and University of Oulu. Objectives of the project were to promote the proficiency, competitiveness and well-being of the northern parts of the Nordic countries by furthering academic mobility and employment in a socially sustainable way. The project is coming to its end in September 2020 and therefore it is time to gather for the final seminar to hear about the project’s results and recommendations for the future.

Academic North - past, present and future

The program of Academic North SUMMIT is divided into three parts. First day consists of videos that give insight among other topics on the Nordic history of migration and introduce audience to Arctic Five Universities, cities and some large employers in the area. Audience can watch the videos in their own pace and send comments or questions which will be read on the second day.

Second day of the Academic North SUMMIT focuses on the present situation and challenges that cross-border labor-based mobility possesses. The program includes videos presented by a moderator at live-studio. After each video, moderator will engage in a discussion with couple of experts on the issue and audience can participate in the dialogue through chat function.

Third day will try to look into a crystal ball and predict the future. In the Academic North SUMMIT we will get to hear ideas and visions from some of the top decision-makers in Finland, Sweden and Norway. The third day will climax at the approval of Oulu Call for Action that lists tasks and actions to be taken for advancing cross-border labour-based mobility of academically educated and equal recruitment practices in the Arctic North. 


You are most welcome to participate the Academic North SUMMIT from wherever you happen to be whenever it suits you best. Participating the event when is completely free and it requires only a computer, Internet connection and Zoom application. The entire program including the live-sessions will be collected into an online  platform where it remains to be visible even after the project has ended, but we strongly recommend that you will participate in the seminar as it is ongoing because it gives you the opportunity to interact with experts and other viewers.

For programme, see event information here.

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