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Application period: Jan 7-20, 2021 at 15.00 / 3 pm (GMT+2).

Digitalization, Computing and Electronics

International Degree Program in Digitalization, Computing and Electronics (DICE), Bachelor of Science and Master of Science (Technology) (3y+2y)

As a student, you will:

  • master the essential methods and technologies in computer science
  • learn to design electronics and communication engineering solutions which affect people's day-to-day lives globally
  • get the necessary skills for a digitalized world now and in the future
  • see first-hand what it's like to work in a truly international industry through internships

DICE is a three-year Bachelor's programme that provides students with solid skills and an extensive knowledge base in technologies required in the digitalized world. The programme combines three degrees under one roof, and the student can choose which path to take. The student can specialise in Information Processing, Computer Science or Electronics. Information Processing includes courses in programming, software and systems; Computer Science includes studies in AI and applied computing and Electronics consists of studies in circuits, analog and digital techniques and communication.

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"The programme covers a wide range of all ICT-related teaching and research that's available in Oulu."


Compulsory internship means the student will have a chance to see what actual work is like in the Finnish industry. It is also possible to do the internship outside of Finland. Being such an extensive programme, students will be able to familiarize themselves with technologies and research areas such as:

  • artificial intelligence
  • printed intelligence
  • current and next-generation communication technologies
  • internet of things, IoT
  • machine vision
  • information security
  • privacy

The studies are based firmly on current research already at the Bachelor level, and the emphasis is on hands-on learning from the very beginning. Students will take on multidisciplinary project work at the university and can take advantage of cutting-edge technologies available at the University of Oulu, such as the 5G/6G Test Network, hardware and product design platform FabLab, SmartCampus, Printed Intelligence and others. Active students will have a chance to see – and participate in – developing advanced technologies. The programme covers a wide range of all ICT-related teaching and research that's available in Oulu.

The teaching faculty consists of Finnish and international professionals who represent the leading edge in various research areas. The University of Oulu is well-known and a respected institution where ground-breaking research is made across the board. For example, the University of Oulu is the home of 6G Flagship, a comprehensive, multi-year research project into the wireless communication technologies of the future. The university has spun off many start-ups and established companies which have based their core expertise on research made at the university. Therefore, a degree from the University of Oulu is regarded highly, which is evidenced by the continued and intense recruiting interest from the industry ie. corporations, small and medium-sized companies and start-ups. This programme also gives a student excellent theoretical tools and a valuable practical skillset to continue their education further and a possibility to enroll in the Master's Programmes that are available at the University of Oulu.

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We are pioneers in creating and understanding our digital future. Every day, 2.6 billion people use technology developed in Oulu.