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Meet the top scientist -seminar: Where are the boundaries of human sciences?

Tiistai, marraskuu 3, 2020

12-3pm, Leaf-infrastructure (speakers); Zoom (audience)

Meet the top scientist -seminar: Where are the boundaries of human sciences?

Human sciences have gained a well-established position at the University of Oulu. Their significance is increasing, which reflects the global need to gain knowledge about complex and wicked problems, and their solutions. The next Meet the top scientist -seminar, organized by the Eudaimonia Institute, discusses the theme “What are the boundaries of human sciences?” The seminar asks for example the following questions:

What is role of human sciences in and for society, for example, relative to political decision-making or as a participant in public debates?

What is good human scientific research? For example, what are the standards, procedures and traditions of human scientific research or what are the boundaries of “good” academic conduct in human sciences?  

What does ‘multidisciplinarity´ (or inter-, cross-, transdisciplinarity) mean in human sciences? For example, what is the difference between human sciences and humanities?


12.00-12.45 Keynote talks (10 mins each)

Welcome and introductions by Simo Kekäläinen

The humanities in contemporary media environment; or why science must not be evaluated by acclamation! - Professor Jouni-Matti Kuukkanen (Faculty of Humanities)

OK Computer, OK Humanities: empirical data, micro-analysis and “big issues” of everyday technology use - Assistant Professor Florence Oloff (Faculty of Humanities)

Human sciences and wicked problems: Civic education in the age of uncertainty and populism - Professor Katariina Holma (Faculty of Education)

12.45-13.15 Panel discussion involving the keynote speakers

13.15-14.00 Professor of the Year Anssi Paasi interviewed by Eudaimonia Institute’s director Pentti Haddington

After 2pm, time is reserved for discussion, but the audience will also have a possibility to ask questions and make comments in the panel discussion and during the interview with Zoom's chat function.

In order to get the link to the Zoom-room, please register for the event via this WEBLINK.

See you there!

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