Burning Questions: Confronting our Educational Assumptions

Burning Questions: Confronting our Educational Assumptions

Torstai, tammikuu 17, 2019 - Perjantai, tammikuu 18, 2019

Education is at a crossroads. Globalisation has profoundly and irreversibly changed the context in which we learn –socially, politically, technologically, economically & environmentally. As a result, a consensus is building that education is no longer preparing students effectively to survive and thrive in the post-modern era. Many education systems are under great pressure from neoliberal reforms, increased immigration and decreasing budgets.  But which direction should they take? Do they require reform? Or a reboot?

Join us in the far North for a two-day event that challenges the status quo of education. Shake up your assumptions with a feast of critical questions, difficult conversations and thought-provoking activities that will inspire a fresh take on learning. This interdisciplinary event is for anybody who is interested in reimagining the future of education.

Expert participants, such as Pasi Sahlberg and Alemanji Aminkeng Atabong, will come from a range of fields, cultures, and countries to not only discuss their own "burning questions", but also to question yours. Our aim is to maximise opportunities for critical discussion, learning from each other and the exchange of ideas and questions through participation, reflection, multi-sensory activities, and informal exchanges.

You can find more information and send us your burning questions at:

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It’s time to question our fundamental assumptions about education.

Participants: Students, professionals, and educators interested in the future of education
Registration form bit.ly/BQ2019reg  starting Friday 14.12. at 16:00 (GMT +2 Helsinki time)

Themes for Burning Questions
These categories have been developed from the questions we have received  from organisers and expert participants thus far. These are working themes and sub-categories and therefore subject to revision, change and experimentation. The sub-categories of one theme may be applicable to others.

Click BQ themes (pdf) to see more information about the themes.


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