Kashif Noor

M.Sc. Hydrology and Water Resources

Doctoral Researcher
Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering

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Kashif Noor has started his research on specialization in cold climate hydrology in Pallas, the subarctic region in Finland. The focus is on a detailed investigation of hydrological processes involving understanding of snow Precipitation-accumulation-melting mechanisms, snowpack characteristics, runoff generation, evaluation of different sources of water after melting, their surface and subsurface flow mechanisms and high-frequency response of the stream water in the seasonally snow-dominated Catchment. Kashif is exploiting a well-established stable water isotope technique to reveal the spatiotemporal understanding of such hydrological processes. The isotope approach is particularly useful for answering the following research questions:

1) How do snow accumulation and snow melting influence the runoff generation in Nordic environments?

2) Where does the Meltwater go?

3) What type of flow mechanism is dominant in subarctic conditions?

4) What happens to the liquid content in the snowpack and how do the isotopic compositions vary with the change in temperature?

5) How does the snowmelt influence the plant-water uptake mechanism?


  • Catchment Hydrology
  • Isotope Hydrology
  • Groundwater-Surface Water Interaction
  • Hydrological and Hydraulic Modelling


  • Doctoral Researcher, Water Energy and Environmental Engineering
  • Researcher, Subarctic Research Group (Pallas)

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